Margolies Campaign Responds – Hat Tip to PoliticsPA

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The Margolies Campaign released this official response to PoliticsPA:

“Marjorie 2014 used an acceptable accounting method to distinguish between general and primary funds and at no time did Marjorie 2014 access general election funds for expenditures in this primary. Any assertion to the contrary will be found without merit.

Marjorie 2014 has retained Karl Sandstrom of Perkins Coie to represent the campaign before the FEC.”

And this was the response to the Margolies response, from Aren Platt, senior advisor to Daylin Leach, the candidate who made the allegations of violations to the Federal Election Commission:

“The campaign finance report speaks for itself. It would be mathematically impossible for Marjorie 2014 to spend the level they did the past quarter without using general election funds.”

He also provided three potential options for the Margolies Campaign to provide more transparency to donors and to the electorate at large:

1. Release the full details of their accounting methods concerning primary and general election funds.

2. Provide a day-to-day leger for their campaign’s finances.

3. Release all bank statements from Marjorie 2014 since its inception.

If you missed this headline, go HERE for my reporting on the Leach campaign’s official complaint to the Federal Election Commission against Marjorie Margolies.

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4 Responses to Margolies Campaign Responds – Hat Tip to PoliticsPA

  1. Observer says:

    So, I guess Bill Clinton footed the bill for that grandiose fundraiser out of his own pocket? That baby had to have cost tens of thousands of dollars…

    • Colleen Kennedy says:

      Observer, we won’t know how Margolies actually paid for the fundraiser until the next set of campaign finance reports is released, but clearly, they did not have the money to pay for it, and it was not listed on the Q1 filings. It is quite possible that the hotel allowed them to pay after the event, although that is not traditionally how it works. Even with that said, I think the data clearly shows an abuse of the FEC rules.

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  3. Sounds like Ken Smukler is laughing all the way to the bank. He’s the one guy who has either already been fully paid or will be repaid by working for someone else soon(hint: initials are HRC).