#PA13: Daylin Leach Releases First TV Ad, Featuring Pres. Clinton

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…not to mention the amazing Scalia Leach! Wait, I think I got that wrong.

Brennan Leach, Daylin’s daughter!

Comment with your thoughts on this ad. Will it have its intended effect of knocking Margolies down a few pegs, or was the Leach Campaign’s use of Clinton in their ad too much?

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2 Responses to #PA13: Daylin Leach Releases First TV Ad, Featuring Pres. Clinton

  1. YoungPhillyProgressive says:

    My first thought was this is too cute by half. Nothing against Brennan, who does an admirable job. I can’t imagine this is actually going on TV for two reasons.

    1) It is a minute long. No way Leach will have the money to do a minute. It also doesn’t have a “I approved this message” thing, although maybe that’s why it only runs :54.

    2) It is FULL of insider baseball information. Why would Leach PAY to tell anyone that Bill Clinton is supporting Marjorie, aside from people that already knew it?

    Whatever. I think it’s a nice try, but not a good intro spot. Then again I’m sure he has polling that pushed him this direction (kids, Clinton, guns, etc).

  2. DC-PAWatcher says:

    It’s not going on TV. It’s a fun web-ad to welcome President Clinton to Philadelphia. Leach raised $335,000 this past quarter – he will have the money but no one in their right mind is going to spend for 1 min spots. Brennan did a great job and it highlights thinking about the past rather than working toward the future. I doubt the message was poll-tested, that’s not Sen. Leach’s style. He’s just getting started. I loved it!