#PA13: If Boyle wants transparency, let’s have transparency.

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PoliticsPA reported yesterday about the most recent lateral political stunt by one of the candidates in the 13th congressional Democratic primary. This time, it was State Representative Brendan Boyle targeting two of his competitors, Daylin Leach and Valerie Arkoosh.

“How is it that a majority of a representative body like Congress now belongs to the wealthiest one percent of America? We are becoming an American oligarchy where the wealthiest candidates are funded by themselves and their wealthy friends – and then set tax policies that benefit the wealthy,” Boyle said.

“Last week Daylin Leach urged Margolies to be more transparent with her campaign finances at the same time he was being less transparent with his own personal finances,” said Boyle of his colleague in the Pennsylvania State Senate.

Leach senior advisor Aren Platt lashed out in response. “It’s ironic that Boyle is focused on Daylin’s wife’s income rather than the women who are suffering because of the clinics that closed due to his efforts.”

Val Arkoosh sent out a negative mailer about Boyle’s reproductive rights record in the state legislature this past week, and this morning, Sean Kitchen of the Raging Chicken Press discussed the similarities between a bill he prime sponsored and ALEC-like bills popping up across the country.

Boyle’s campaign manager chimed in with a jab at Val Arkoosh. “I think Val has a special duty to come clean with voters and release her tax returns, because she is the least known among us. It is possible that her financial entanglements raise ethical questions – why else would she refuse to do what Brendan Boyle and every candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania has done by making their taxes public?”

But has Boyle really made his taxes available to the public? Let’s have real transparency. Boyle released five years of tax returns to a few reporters at the Philadelphia Daily News, WHYY, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, but doesn’t transparency in this argument imply a responsibility to voters? There haven’t been any journalistic examinations of his finances released to the public, so that’s not very transparent to me.

Boyle might be the least wealthy person in this race, but he is one of four very powerful Caucasian people running for a seat that could very well employ its successor for as long as they ever shall want a job. Are we really to look at any of the candidates with admiration, just for the slightest indication of transparency? Or should we see this as another calculated political maneuver by a politician who sees himself as less rich than his competitors?

Throw it up on Scribd. Go for it, Representative. Be the definitive leader on this issue, and bring a much needed dose of public honesty to this brutish race. I hereby promise to ensure that you get the credit and thanks you deserve.

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19 Responses to #PA13: If Boyle wants transparency, let’s have transparency.

  1. mike pollice says:

    honesty! Thats a four letter word to the GOP. What a bunch of tools

    • Dudley Dooright says:

      Not even a Republican mentioned … You people are so obsessed you can’t even concentrate on your own issues. Too funny … and the only reason I even read these things!

  2. michele Lockman says:

    I know Brendan Boyle and he cares about the working class person and about women. Asking for taxes is something that is a legitimate concern. I am a progressive woman who attended the progressive summit and believes in the causes. This is a diverse district and our Congressperson needs to hear all concerns and he is the best person for the job.

    • I know Brendan Boyle and he cares about the working class person and about women.

      Then why he is he voting for a GOP bill that hurts women? Go ahead and tell me that he didn’t know clinics would close as a result of the bill being passed. Just shows how dumb and clueless Boyle is.

  3. NortheastProgressive says:

    “but he is one of four very powerful Caucasian people”

    Excuse me. What does that have to do with anything? So they’re all white. Why is that something you chose to bring up? How is it relevant to the story? Are we supposed to think less of the candidates for their melanin deficiency?

    It seems to be as a reader of this blog Colleen that you are prone to take overtly hostile positions towards candidates you are covering, and moreover tend towards sarcasm, cynicism, and negativity. I don’t really know why, but I can tell you it doesn’t make for interesting reading. And if your interest is in exposing your readers to different issues and campaigns, how does that help?

    You express dismay when campaigns cut Keystone Politics out of the loop. Why would someone like Allyson Schwartz, for instance, EVER let you on a conference call her campaign put together? Why would Brendan Boyle EVER release his tax returns to you? You clearly play favorites.

    • Sean Kitchen says:

      Yeah, obviously you have no a fucking clue on what a blog is…

      • NortheastProgressive says:

        I know exactly what a blog is. I’ve been an avid blog reader since back before they were cool.

        I’m not advocating for “neutrality” or false balance. There’s a difference between being opinionated and being mean-spirited.

        • Schocker says:

          I think what Sean is saying is that this is a blog with a progressive slant, and everyone knows it. Though you may go by “NortheastProgressive” you are apparently not “progressive.” If you are a candidate with less than stellar progressive credentials: ie. Boyle, Davidson, Schwartz, etc., you may be lambasted on this blog…it’s kinda what “progressive” means.

          • Lucy Richardson says:

            Schocker – is it “progressive” to spout hate speech towards woman, minorities and other groups? If you have done any research, you would have know Leach has a history of inappropriate behave and speech. if that is being “progressive” wow

          • Lucy Richardson says:

            correction, “behavior”

    • Colleen Kennedy says:

      One year? isn’t that what all the other candidates released?

      • Steve Johnson says:

        If you read the pdfs, you’ll see that it is for 2008 to 2012, which is five years. And no, the other candidates have not all released even one year of returns. Val has thus far refused to release any returns.

        Can Mr. Boyle please get some thanks and credit now, any other disagreements with Boyle notwithstanding? Please?????? Come on now, fair is fair!!!!!!

  4. Steve Johnson says:

    Well my initials are SJ (I highly doubt Congressional candidates spend their time trolling blogs since they generally do more, you know, campaigning), but if you’ll admit that Brendan was fair and transparent with the tax stuff and give him due credit, I’ll give you a hug if we ever meet ;)

    • Colleen Kennedy says:

      Tell Boyle to release all the other appendices to his tax return, and maybe we’ll hug. So far, I’m not seeing transparency.