#PAGov: Corbett’s Fake Medicaid Expansion Probably Not Happening

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Tom Corbett says he’s nearing his “breaking point” over the Obama administration’s unwillingness to OK some of the meaner and more derptastic elements of the CorbettCare plan:

Corbett said Wednesday he’s getting to his breaking point with the Obama administration.

At issue is a Monday conference call between the Corbett administration and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Corbett aides say they received discouraging signals about elements of the plan.

The Corbett administration is seeking more expansive changes than any other state to the Medicaid expansion under the 2010 federal health care law. That includes waiving Medicaid’s consumer protection rules on benefits and networks for the private insurance plans that would be funded by expansion dollars.

The thing that Corbett has always wanted to do here is propose a plan that would rally big for-profit hospitals and rich doctors to his side, but that would ultimately be rejected by the Obama administration because Republicans loaded it down with poison pills. Then he could run against the Obama administration while having a plausible-sounding excuse for not having accepted the Medicaid expansion money. (“I proposed a plan, but Obummer just wouldn’t work with us.”)

Kathleen Sebelius definitely should reject the CorbettCare plan because we’re probably going to have a Democratic Governor in 2015 who will simply do the real public Medicaid expansion and immediately insure thousands of people like other Governors are having the decency to do:

States that implemented the ACA’s Medicaid expansion saw a larger decline: their uninsurance rates for adults dropped 4.0 percentage points since September, compared with a drop of 1.5 percentage points for the nonexpanding states. The average uninsurance rate for adults in the 24 nonexpanding states was 18.1 percent in March 2014, well above the 12.4 percent average in the expansion states.

(via AP)

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4 Responses to #PAGov: Corbett’s Fake Medicaid Expansion Probably Not Happening

  1. You’re 100% right. #OneTermTom is toast. There is no reason to give in to him now.

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  3. Jake says:

    Good call, John. This is the most extreme “Medicaid Expansion” plan in the nation, and it also makes drastic and radical changes to the existing Medicaid program- “reforms” that cut services for individuals with disabilities and create miles of red tape for them to get care.

  4. Fred C Hess says:

    I am a disability advocate the vice chairman of the consumer workforce council of PA and a member of ADAPT. When I first saw governor Corbett’s 1115 proposal I knew immediately that he knew it wouldn’t be approved in fact he was counting on it. It was a political move to get people to say wow what a good guy I will re elect him. I to was hoping it would not be accepted as his plan not only would have hurt the people needing it the most meaning those at the 135% area of the FPL “federal poverty level” but also people in the work force with disabilities who receive M.A.W.D.”MEDICAL ASSISTANCE for PEOPLE WITH DISABILITYS”. Those on M.A.W.D. would have to make less than 100% of the FPL around $700.00 per month to still qualify so if they receive SSI or SSDI right then they make too much money. That insures that no one would qualify. Another bad thing about his plan is his price CAP on medical equipment combined with durable medical equipment at $2500.00 per year ha my wheelchair costs me around $8000.00 guaranteeing I would have to stay in bed (and that I wouldn’t have any way I use a hospital bed) instead of being able to work for a living and PAY taxes instead of living on my neighbors taxes and yours. Unfortunately his little political game has left a lot of people waiting for insurance and while I have no proof the chances are very high that someone here in PA has died due to lack of medical insurance. That’s my opinion what’s yours?