#PAGov: Dem Female Candidates Raise Over Double Than Male Candidates in Q1 2014

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The fundraising numbers for the First Quarter of 2014 are in for Pennsylvania’s Democratic gubernatorial candidates — and Allyson Schwartz is on top with $1.5 million raised. Representative Schwartz is followed by the $1.1 million raised by Katie McGinty, then the $600k raised by Tom Wolf, and lastly the $567k raised by Rob McCord.

It’s hard not to notice that Schwartz and McGinty combined raised $2.6 million this quarter — while an aggregated Wolf and McCord raised only a little more than $1.1 million, the amount raised by McGinty herself. Following the money is one way to measure support — and some people will look at these numbers to understandably argue Pennsylvania’s readiness for its first female governor.

In today’s money-driven political system, fundraising is extremely important — especially when gauging which candidate will seemingly have the general election money necessary to compete against a Republican incumbent.

However, the total cash-on-hand numbers skew the results back to Businessman Tom Wolf ¬†— the current front-runner — and his massive war-chest:


The most recent non-internal polling matches the overall fundraising numbers fairly well with Wolf in first (33%), Schwartz in second (7%), McCord in third (6%), and McGinty in fourth (4%).

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3 Responses to #PAGov: Dem Female Candidates Raise Over Double Than Male Candidates in Q1 2014

  1. paul says:

    mcginty loaned herself 300.000 so she raised 800.000 reports are up.and yes schwartz will pull this off.

  2. Jeremy Haloskie says:

    So Paul, what your saying is Schwartz, who peaked last year, is going to make a comeback and win the nomination on May 20th. I guess it could be possible but looks unlikely. Although it could happen if McGinty drops out and Schwartz is the only female candidate left.

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