Parks: Should People Be Allowed to Have Fun in Them?

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Bethlehem sure does have some nutty old park rules, but luckily for people who like fun Councilwoman Karen Dolan’s plans to revamp them would go a long way toward correcting some of this silliness. Especially the open container component. It’s fine if people want to bring a bottle of wine on a picnic in a public park – you just have to enforce the public order and drunk driving laws.

Another thing to look at is the mobile food vendor rules in parks. Some people have this weird idea that parks should be a sanctuary from commercial activity, but actually having the option to buy some street food or a cold drink enhances the experience. And if you can raise some park maintenance money off of your concessions stand or the business tax increment you’d get from expanding the mobile vendor market, that’s even better.

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2 Responses to Parks: Should People Be Allowed to Have Fun in Them?

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  2. I think that the type of park that exists dictates both the functionality and end use of a given “park” area. A wetland or sensitive stream based linear park system certainly wouldn’t merit a heavy recreational use. A pocket park in an inner city sure would! As would any park with a recreational bend in design. Regardless – getting more people out into “park” type places will always, in my opinion, lead to better and stronger community ties and eventually, will likely help catalyze more progressive urban planning.