This week on #TheStump – Josh Maxwell and Josh Young

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As you may have read last week, we have initiated a new feature here at Keystone Politics, and we call it The Stump.

Instead of allowing opposing candidates to remain in their own little bubble during the campaign, we’re going to challenge them to state publicly and in writing why they deserve to be elected. We’ll post submissions from opposing candidates at the same time, and then the Keystone Politics contributors, along with any readers who would like to submit their thoughts, will get to tell us who had the best stump speech on The Stump.

Candidates will have up to 1000 words to say what they need to say, and we will not edit a single word. They can even use some of their time (if they wish) to call out any coverage we or other publication have had on their race that they believe to be unfair, inaccurate, or biased. None of it will be edited.


This past Friday, we had a test run, using the 164th state legislative district as a guinea pig. Representative Margo Davidson declined the opportunity, despite our giving her this chance to rip apart my many articles about her voting record, but Billy Smith and Dafan Zhang, her two challengers in the May Democratic primary, sent in submissions.

Click HERE for Billy Smith’s submission to The Stump.
Click HERE for Dafan Zhang’s submission to The Stump.

If you have comments about Smith’s or Zhang’s submissions, be sure to comment or shoot me a tweet with the hashtag #TheStump. My handle is @ckennedy124.

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On Friday, we’ll have submissions from Downingtown Mayor Josh Maxwell and Caln Township Commissioner Josh Young. They are running for state representative in the newly drawn 74th district, and I am hoping that they’ll both discuss PASSHE secession, an issue broken by Raging Chicken Press’s Sean Kitchen and a very contentious issue within this particular race.

If you have questions for Young or Maxwell, be sure to tweet them to me, again with the hashtag #TheStump. We’ll try to get these questions to the two candidates before they submit their pieces, and we’ll provide an opportunity to answer questions after if it is needed.


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