Court Strikes Down PA Same-Sex Marriage Ban

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Go get married before the teanderthals have a chance to appeal!

A federal court on Tuesday decisively struck down Pennsylvania’s statutory ban on same-sex marriages, allowing same-sex couples to marry immediately.

The ruling, from US District Judge John Jones, makes Pennsylvania the second state this week and 11th state since the Supreme Court’s 2013 ruling on same-sex marriage to have its ban overturned in court.  But it’s possible the ruling will eventually be put on hold as it works through the appeals process, which would prevent future same-sex couples from marrying.

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One Response to Court Strikes Down PA Same-Sex Marriage Ban

  1. Pressing Points: 1) Judge Jones is a Republican 2) He was a W appointee 3) He was pressed forward as a hire by none other than Rick Santorum 4) Santorum was caught by the press for going radio silent on Intelligent Design education in the Dover case when Judge Jones issued a harsh rebuking ruling [Jones and Santorum obvi know each other well]. 5) This particular decision STINGS A LOT to the SoCon movement that appeared in the GOP in the early 1990s and was given a leg up in 2003 when Karl Rove exploited them by hanging out gay marriage bans as red meat for GOP GOTV efforts in rural counties; it helped deliver the razor-thin margin within Ohio to George W. Bush in his 2004 victory. Last but not lease: The judge is also a white (I’m presuming straight) male, making his pedigree and identity virtually impossible to attack by SoCons. This is the death knell for the gay marriage wedge issue. It will now start to disappear from American political discourse. By the time we get to the SCOTUS decision it will be a foregone conclusion, not a nail-biter.