Guest Post: Why I Still Voted For Katie McGinty

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This guest post comes to us from friend of the blog John Blankstein of Market Street Strategies.

Like a lot of Democrats today, my main concern is what happens after 8pm; and we’re all hoping that we have a very well united party going toward this November’s general election. Just because alot of national media outlets are saying Corbett is the most vulnerable sitting GOP governor in the country doesn’t mean its going to be an easy race.

Normally leading election day I make a big deal of publicizing both who I’m supporting and who I expect to win. Before the internet I used to do it by blast fax (Google ‘fax machine’ if you’re too young to know what I’m talking about) and more recently I’ve done it on Facebook. Mostly I do it because its fun, not because I think I’m going to tip elections with the small number of people I know.

It’s clear to everyone that Tom Wolf has won this primary and has had it locked up for several weeks. If he somehow did lose at this point it would be the most massive polling failure since “Dewey Defeats Truman” and I’m not really sure that’s possible given modern polling. So I’m more than ready to get on board and pull on the same rope with everybody else.

But I’ve supported McGinty since early last year and had things panned out differently I was willing to join her staff anytime after last November. I just voted for her and walking home from my polling place I decided to say something about it and hopefully she gets a handful of extra votes out of it.

Polling aside, elections are an art as much as a science and its almost impossible to say why a campaign doesn’t catch fire. And maybe it was poetic justice that Gov. Bill Richardson came in to do an event for Katie because the same thing happened to his Presidential bid in ’08: it kept looking like it would gain momentum but it just didn’t happen. (Richardson and I share an alma mater so I follow him really closely and would have been psyched to get on board with him before eventually volunteering for Obama after South Carolina.)

I’ve been in pretty close contact with a bunch of McGinty people all spring, including John Fennell who’s done an excellent job as Political Director and T.J. Rooney whose title I think is maybe Minister of Everything and has been working tirelessly. There are a few things that I might have done differently or tweaked here or there but in the end it just didn’t happen and it’s going to be anybody’s guess why.

But I’m hoping Katie exceeds expectations today and that she’s a candidate for something else in the Commonwealth really soon. She’d be a great Governor, Senator, or anything else she wants to try to get in the future.

I also want to thank Jon Geeting for posting this. He and I have been friends for a while now but have tangled both on and offline about several issues over the past few months. So if Jon and I can bury the hatchet and cooperate I’m hopeful all Democrats can do the same thing tomorrow.

Like I said above, usually I post as many predictions as I can just to show off, but this year I’m not doing that out of party unity. But I do make sports predictions too and I will go public with those this year. Spurs over Pacers in 5; Sixers and my Celtics get shafted in tonight’s draft lottery and the Lakers get a top 3 pick. Blackhawks over Rangers in 7 ugly games. And nobody’s stopping the Detroit Tigers this year.

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3 Responses to Guest Post: Why I Still Voted For Katie McGinty

  1. gladly says:

    I wouldn’t have known about McGinty, except by reading this website, and although I will support Tom Wolf in the general election, I’ll be voting for McGinty in the primary later today. Like you, I hope she’ll be encouraged to keep running in the future.

  2. T.J. Rooney? The same Rooney you, or Jake, wrote about here last year doing a fundraiser for Charlie Dent?