#HD12: “Write-In” Got 45.5% Against Daryl Metcalfe

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Well isn’t this delicious:

‘Write in’ wound up with 45.5% of the vote across the district, which seems like an incredibly high result against a long term incumbent, let alone an incumbent who felt secure enough to run for Lieutenant Governor just a few years ago.   Has a write in candidate ever beaten an incumbent in a Pennsylvania primary for a state house election? In a primary? I imagine it has happened, but still must be incredibly rare.So here is the map of how the write in votes came in across the district.

This is even more satisfying than Jim Cawley beating out Tom Corbett in a bunch of districts, lol just kidding.

(via Chris Briem)

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5 Responses to #HD12: “Write-In” Got 45.5% Against Daryl Metcalfe

  1. Kolin Kearns says:

    Yes, it may have happened in my district with Rep. Mike Fleck in the 81st district. As of now, it is too close to call, but he was primaried for being gay by a write-in candidate. You should check it out because the close race is a true test against bigotry and homophobia in a conservative, rural area.

  2. jack malloy says:

    the behavior of the voters in House 81 is deplorable. if you want to toss an Incumbent, base on his public policy decisions and voting record. shameful.

  3. Julieann Wozniak says:

    When you hate everybody, and your policy positions adversely affect their everyday lives, who’s left to support you?

  4. steventodd says:

    It is definitely not looking good, if he is pulling this “support” from his base. The Political Class will flood the cash in, so that will probably decide it. It almost always does. But this shows extreme vulnerability, so pretty please tell me he has a General (Dem) challenger.

    • steventodd says:

      I see it is Lisa Zucco. Any insights? Granted, a solid R district, but if he can’t break 55% in an unopposed Primary…where ya at, PA Dem Committee?