#HD36: Molchany Responds to Ads, Calls Out Readshaw’s Tax Hike Votes

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We’re running out of money for infrastructure maintenance.

The gas tax pays for crucial infrastructure and transportation repairs and expansions, but it’s not indexed to inflation and vehicles have been getting more fuel-efficient, so the amount of gas tax money we’ve been collecting has been falling further and further behind our needs, both at the state level and national level.

The federal government needs to raise the gas tax and index it to inflation to plug a huge transportation funding gap this summer. State government has already acted responsibly to fix our infrastructure maintenance backlog, partly by raising the state level gas tax.

Everybody would rather have more money than less money so there’s no doubt this is unpopular, but this is the reality we’re facing, and the job of a responsible lawmaker is to do what’s necessary to fix our infrastructure.

Harry Readshaw knows this. It’s why he has voted multiple times to raise the gas tax, even as he is now pretending like only Erin Molchany has done it.

Here’s the Molchany camp’s response to Readshaw’s Republican-style attack ads:

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