The Keystone Politics Sample Ballot for the 2014 Primary Elections

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Here are Keystone Politics’s top picks for progressive candidates running in tomorrow’s primaries. These are the races we’ve been watching, but there are obviously way more than this out there. If there is another race you think people should be paying attention to, write a note in the comments and we’ll update the list to include it. Links are included for blog posts we’ve written, or important stories about the different contests. Happy voting!


Tom Wolf

Lieutenant Governor

Lt-Gov: Brad Koplinski (first best) or Mike Stack (if your top priority is blocking Critz)

US House

PA-12: Erin McClelland

PA-13: Daylin Leach

PA-8: Shaughnessy Naughton

State Senate

SD-02: Tomas Sánchez

SD-04: Brian Gralnick

General Assembly

HD-20: Tom Michalow

HD-22: Tatiana Tooley

HD-36: Erin Molchany

HD-74: Josh Maxwell

HD-164: Billy Smith

HD-179: Jason Dawkins

HD-180: Quetcy Lozada

HD-197: Danilo Burgos

Philadelphia ballot questions

1. Living wage for subcontractors: Yes, subcontracting should not provide an end-run around the city’s living wage policies.

2. End “resign to run”: Yes, we need to make it easier for sitting politicians to challenge others. This will lead to more competitive politics in Philly.

3. Takes power from Mayor, gives it to City Council, to approve short-term contracts for public defenders: No, Council already micromanages too many processes that should be in the Executive branch


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10 Responses to The Keystone Politics Sample Ballot for the 2014 Primary Elections

  1. Jason says:

    Voting for Koplinski is going to split the vote and give the nomination to Critz. I love the guy, but I’d rather settle for Stack than get stuck with Critz.

  2. Jules Mermelstein says:

    Jon, I love your posts and respect your opinion. Recently, on social media, a 2013 report from a York County Committee has been circulating recommending that all public schools become non-unionized charter schools. Allegedly, Wolf had something to do with this committee/report. Are you able to find something to either confirm or deny this? I question his level of support for public schools and it is one reason I am hesitant to vote for him.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Hi Jules – Wolf once chaired the foundation that put out the report. He personally had nothing to do with it, and it’s being used by some of the other campaigns (who,by the way, have no charter reform plans of their own while Wolf does) to try to paint him as anti-public schools. Don’t buy it. Wolf has said repeatedly on the campaign trail that he wants to use the bully pulpit to remind people what “public education” means – it’s a responsibility we have to the next generation, and to each other, not a private service paid with user fees. He believes in strong well-funded neighborhood schools, and is the only candidate who’s actually put a number to how high he thinks the state’s funding share should be – a 50-50 split between the state and local governments, while holding out the option of the state’s share going higher. He doesn’t want to overpromise what’s politically achievable.

  3. Will says:

    SSD-40, Mark Aurand for Senate!

  4. Andrew says:

    Isn’t Smith running in the 164th? Says 163 on there.

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  7. Jack Malloy says:

    your success ratio was a disaster. maybe just stick with writing articles.