#PA13: Marjorie Margolies Fundraiser Host: “Sarah Palin Has Exactly the Right Message for Women”

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If this doesn’t make the choice in the 13th District primary stark enough for you, I don’t know what will.

The Baroness Lynn Forester de Rothschild is hosting a fundraiser for Marjorie Margolies at her New York City home on May 15th.

Back in 2008, the Baroness publicly backed the McCain-Palin ticket, despite being a registered Democrat.

Here’s a clip of her being a loyal Mama Grizzly on Fox News, telling Neil Cavuto that “Sarah Palin has exactly the right message for women.”

When Cavuto asks de Rothschild if the McCain campaign is making a mistake by muzzling Palin too much, and if they should just let her rip, the Baroness says “I think she rips pretty well myself.”

Watch it:

So there you have it. Do you want a 13th District candidate like Marjorie Margolies who’s financially supported by a Sarah Palin surrogate, or a candidate like Daylin Leach who’s winning endorsements from national progressive groups like the PCCC and Daily Kos?

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23 Responses to #PA13: Marjorie Margolies Fundraiser Host: “Sarah Palin Has Exactly the Right Message for Women”

  1. Absolutely correct!

    Big Mama Grizzly and all the other Mama Grizzlies are gonna make the DC Corruptocrats (both sides of the aisle) SQUEAL!

    #BeClingers ———————-> #AmericaRISING

  2. Wasn’t Baroness Lynn Forester de Rothschild really famous for bailing on the Democratic Party because people had the gall to vote for Obama over Clinton in the primaries?

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Yeah. Which is weird because they really didn’t have different platforms. It’s almost like *something else* was the problem with the first black President-to-be.

  3. Observer says:

    Yes, she is a complete racist who said she would never for Democratic while Obama was in office.

  4. Observer says:

    But you are burying the lede here: that fundraiser is being headlined by – ta da! – HILLARY CLINTON. So whose political operation is more tone-deaf here – MMM’s, or Hillary’s? Or does Hillary think SO little of the Left that she believes she can rub our noses in it and still win the Dem nomination in 2016?

  5. Tsuyoshi says:

    Headlining a fundraiser for her daughter’s husband’s mother is probably not indicative of much. Lots of people get roped into something they wouldn’t normally do by a distant family member.

    • Jack Malloy says:

      now there is one ticket destined for defeat. why do the Reds continue to nominate previous national losers ? have they learned nothing from the Blues ?

  6. qt db7 says:

    If Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton could not even protect a tiny
    American consulate, then what make you think she can
    protect America?

    About war on women, why did Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton keep
    her mouth shut while Bill ‘Pervert’ Clinton sexually harassed

    Video: Bill Clinton’s wife can’t name a single
    accomplishment during her tenure as Secretary of State

    Video: DNC Attendees asked to name something
    specific Clinton’s wife accomplished as Secretary of

    RCP | State Dept’s Psaki can’t name one
    accomplishment from Clinton-run initiative

    Why ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama and Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton?
    Why not Gov. Sarah Palin?

    The TRUTH hurts. The TRUTH will set you free.
    The TRUTH about Gov. Palin’s records:

    Who Is the Real Sarah Palin?

    PJTV: Bill Whittle on the Sarah Palin Haters

    • Kathy says:

      I don’t know – how do you feel about Ronald “Beirut” Regan not being able to protect the lives of 241 American servicemen – then cutting and running away?

      Or the 1983 Beirut Embassy bombing which killed 63 people – under Ronnie?
      1983 – Kuwait Embassy – Ronnie again – killed 6
      1984 Beirut Embassy Annex – Our buddy Ronnie – killed 24

      And – under Georgie Boy – talk about not being able to protect:

      22 January 2002 Calcutta, India Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami gunmen attacked American cultural centre, which included public affairs office of nearby US Consulate (more details) armed assault 5 Indian security

      14 June 2002 Karachi, Pakistan al-Qaeda truck bomb detonated outside Consulate (more details) bombing 12 Pakistani civilians

      12 October 2002 Denpasar, Indonesia Consular Office bombed by Jemaah Islamiyah as part of the Bali bombings bombing none

      28 February 2003 Karachi, Pakistan Unknown gunmen attack US Consulate (more details) armed assault 2 Pakistani security

      30 June 2004 Tashkent, Uzbekistan Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan bombs US Embassy bombing none

      6 December 2004 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia al-Qaeda gunmen raid diplomatic compound armed assault 5 Saudi personnel
      4 attackers

      2 March 2006 Karachi, Pakistan Car bomb explodes outside Consulate, killing a US diplomat (more details) bombing 1 US personnel
      1 Pakistani personnel
      1 Pakistani security
      1 attacker

      12 September 2006 Damascus, Syria Gunmen raid US Embassy armed assault 1 Syrian security
      3 attackers

      Or – especially – Georgie Boy “Twin Towers” Bush not being able to protect the home of of financial industry leading to loss of 3,000 American citizens on our own soil?

      She’s looking pretty good by Republican standards.

  7. qt db7 says:

    After Osama Bin-Laden’s death, ‘DEBT man walking’ Obama,
    Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton, Joe ‘plagiarist/THIEF’ Biden,
    JACKASS donkey democrats/liberals were quick to take credits.
    The day after Benghazi’s attack on 09/11/12 right before the
    election, ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama went to Las Vegas for
    FUNDRAISING. WTF were Obama/Clinton doing during the 8 HOURS
    firefight at Benghazi? WTF were there NO rescue teams? WTF did
    Obama/Clinton ABANDON 4 DEAD Americans (U.S. Ambassador Chris
    Stevens and 3 other CIA and Navy SEALs)? WTF did Clinton
    apologize to the Muslim world on Pakistan TV? WTF did
    Obama/Clinton blame on some non-existing anti-Muslim
    video, not terrorists, for the Benghazi attack? WTF are
    Obama/Clinton not bragging about Benghazi? What’s the
    matter? Are they AFRAID of the TRUTH?

    These people are NOT leaders. They are LIARS and COWARDS.

    America, is this the ‘hope/change’ you can believe in?

  8. qt db7 says:

    ‘Walking POS/DEBT’ Obama and Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton are 2
    faces of the same coin.

    When something goes right, they love to take credits.
    When something goes wrong, they blame it on someone else.

    These people are NOT leaders. They are LIARS and COWARDS.

  9. qt db7 says:

    Laws and order. Are we a nation of laws or of men?

    Does CHARACTER matter anymore?
    A man’s RECORD is his CHARACTER.
    We the People MUST judge a person based on content of his/her CHARACTER.

    Ability will enable a person to get to the top, but GOOD CHARACTER will keep a person from falling.

    Citizen Sarah Palin could not clean up Alaska’s corruptions.
    Only Gov. Sarah Palin could clean up Alaska’s corruptions.

    Citizen Obama could not transform America.
    Only Pres. Obama could transform America.

    Only Pres. Sarah Palin could restore America.

  10. Paludicola says:

    Fun Fact: Sarah Palin is literally one of the reasons that my brief tenure as a registered Republican was terminated with prejudice.

    Life can be hard, so it’s nice to be so constantly reassured that you’ve made the right choice. (Granted, it also reassures you that Sarah Palin still has a platform for some reason, but you takes what you can get)

  11. Paul C. says:

    Sarah Palin couldn’t bother to finish her term as governor. She was investigated for corruption, shut the investigation down. If she’s your bright light you are in trouble.

  12. Pam says:

    It’s always so amusing to read an article with any mention of Sarah Palin which then brings out the crazy commenters. Thanks for the funnies.

  13. Jack Malloy says:

    conclusion to all of the above : no more Bushes or Clintons.

  14. Gary P Jackson says:

    The author cites the democrat in the race being supported by a known racist hate group [The Daily Kos] as a positive. What, you couldn’t round up any Klan members?

    The democrat party is the party of racism, hate, and massive ignorance. It’s a dead party walking. Humans are sick of their very existence.

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