#PA15: Fix the Debt Gives Fiscal Arsonist Charlie Dent a “Fiscal Hero” Award

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One of the reasons Fix the Debt is probably the most evil group in Washington today is that they exist to give political cover to people who don’t deserve it.

Here’s a blast from the recent past:

You know who else has never met a tax cut he wanted to pay for? Congressman Charlie Dent. Dent has twice voted for Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity budget framework – a program of brutal cuts to our social insurance programs that still manages to be the single most fiscally irresponsible budget plan in Washington due to its monster tax cuts.

But former PA Democratic Party leader TJ Rooney just threw a fundraiser for Charlie Dent, singing his praises while ignoring the man’s actual record on the “most pressing economic problem” Rooney professes to care about.

Paul Ryan’s budget doesn’t even balance the budget in the 10 year window. It makes exactly zero progress toward it during that timeframe, and the whole budget balancing is premised on extremely harsh cuts to minor parts of the budget from the Congresses of the distant future.

It does, however, pass a new round of regressive tax cuts that widen the deficit over the next 10 years. Charlie Dent voted for those tax cuts. He voted to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Those tax cuts are the single largest factor driving the deficit.

If a guy with a voting record like that can get this award, what does the award even mean?

One more thing – I’ve enjoyed much of Nick Field’s original reporting over at PoliticsPA, but I would be very sad if this particular story is a template of what’s to come under his run as Editor. I started reading PoliticsPA for the context and analysis and I want to continue reading it for that reason. Keegan Gibson’s reporting circa 2010-12 would never just rearrange a press release like this, and neither would Brittany Foster’s. This bit of news needed more context and interaction with Dent’s voting record, and we didn’t get that here.

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