#PAGov: John Hanger Supports Tom Wolf

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Things got a little tense for while when we urged John Hanger to drop out of the race after it became clear he had no realistic path to victory, but I always liked Hanger and agreed with most of his policy positions. His blog on PA energy and environmental news is one of the best resources around, and his career trajectory from activist to the head of an important bureau is the one I’m most sympathetic to of all the candidates and hope to mirror in my own life.

Hanger’s campaign message spoke to a lot of further left people, so I was excited to see that he shares Keystone Politics’s assessment that Tom Wolf is the most progressive candidate remaining in the race for Democratic Gubernatorial nominee. And he’s pumped to vote for him:

“In these times, when many leaders of all types of institutions too often use their power to benefit themselves and use fear to divide, Tom Wolf stands out as a leader dedicated to the people and the common good,” Hanger writes. “Tom leads not by appealing to the worst in humanity but by unleashing the good in all of us to serve higher purposes.”

“Tom, however, is no dreamer. He is a doer,” Hanger asserts.

Citing President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, he goes on to contend that Wolf will bring “a new birth of freedom” by protecting the right to vote, supporting same-sex marriage and reforming the state’s marijuana laws.

Recall that Wolf has said he could be open to a conversation about full legalization of marijuana depending on what he sees out of Colorado and Washington. As someone who shares the view that prohibition is likely the first-worst policy compared to a second-worst scenario where too-lax regulations allow the Budweiser of pot to come into being, this seems like the ideal position to take. He’s going to decide based on evidence, not just politics, where he stands on the issue. Liberalism FTW!

(via PoliticsPA)

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3 Responses to #PAGov: John Hanger Supports Tom Wolf

  1. Jason says:

    He had no realistic path because people and sites like this one chose to back the money candidate instead of the grassroots candidate.

  2. PA Dem says:

    I am so confused as to why Hanger would endorse Wolf. Hanger was suffocated because of Wolf’s financial advantage, and had to drop out. Wolf is not even close to being the most progressive candidate in this race, so someone had to be pushing Hanger to endorse Wolf. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rendell put pressure on him to maintain Rendell’s old boys network in Harrisburg. I smell bulls***