#PAGov: McCord Fancy

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The Republicans would have a blast with this if McCord made it to the general election:

State Treasurer Rob McCord, one of four Democratic candidates for governor, has stayed at the Omni at least 27 times since he took office in 2009.

When McCord gets the government rate, it’s a relative bargain — about $131 a night, according to credit records that provide a glimpse of how taxpayer money is spent on an everyday basis.

But on at least 10 occasions when that discount wasn’t available, the treasurer used his state credit card to pay for rooms that sometimes cost between $283 and almost $400 a night, according to statements obtained through an open-records request. Those stays cost taxpayers an average of about $362 a night.

The expensive stays aren’t relegated to Pittsburgh. McCord has racked up pricey hotel costs in New York City, Washington, D.C., and even just outside Harrisburg. Some stays have topped $600.

You guys know I don’t begrudge a politician a fancy-ass lifestyle, and I’d rather the taxpayers fund it than the lobbyists.

Tom Corbett accepted over $23,000 in trips and gifts last year! A trip to South Africa and a golf pass to the US Open. A $150 pair of fresh New Balance kicks and a fuckin’ dagger! Damn he fancy!

But if you’re running for Governor, it’s just terrible politics to be using taxpayer money for this stuff.

“New York City is expensive,” Tuma said, adding that the average cost of a one-night stay during the same period was almost $300 and occupancy rates were higher while McCord was there.

“The treasurer stays at a hotel that is safe, clean and centrally located to meetings and events so as to save additional transportation costs, which in Manhattan could exceed the $200-$300 price differential from the average hotel room cost,” Tuma said.

Bro. [pause] What kind of transportation are you thinkin’ about using that’s adding a $200-300 price differential?

Mike Bloomberg took public transportation to work every day when he was Mayor. That costs $2.50 and it’s faster than driving. They got bike share. They got Uber. Even if you’re staying in Jersey City at the motel near the Holland Tunnel, you’re not gonna pay $200 for a cab in. And nobody’s even suggesting that you do that. Just pick a middle of the road hotel in Midtown and take cabs and nobody’s going to bother you with articles like this.

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5 Responses to #PAGov: McCord Fancy

  1. Tsuyoshi says:

    Sorry, I cannot understand how a $600 hotel in New York is all that fancy. Honestly, I would say that $600 really is middle of the road. At times, the cheapest hotel room that doesn’t risk a bedbug infestation is around $150 (including Jersey City or even the Bronx). The high end there is more like $40k.

    The transportation cost claim is kind of ridiculous though. I guess if you have enough staff with you, it’s possible that taxi fare could be in the hundreds of dollars. But then you have more hotel rooms to pay for anyway… Still, it’s just a bad explanation for a justifiable expense.

  2. Carl Davies says:

    This is small potatoes compared to the millions he saved the state by killing the lottery privatization or the billions he will bring in with his 10% extraction tax on the frackers.

  3. Realitybites says:

    Let’s be realists and let the people who deal in facts and fantasy talk for just a sec, please. Kathleen Kane was the one who stopped the lottery deal, not Rob McCord. And we’ll be lucky to get a 5% extraction tax. A 10% tax is never going to happen. Why? Two very big reasons call the House and the Senate. We control neither, and don’t delude yourself into thinking we are going to win them back this cycle because redistricting makes it impossible. When the Ds controlled both the House and the Governor’s mansion, we couldn’t get an extraction tax bill through, so it’s going to require some tough negotiation to get anything through. Anyone who is telling you they are going to get a 10% extraction tax is capitalizing on your naïveté.