#PAGov: Negative Ad Backfires On McCord

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This race has been over for a while now, and this morning’s polls from F&M and Harper are just the latest confirmation.

Wolf is at 50% in the Harper poll, and 33% in F&M, with Schwartz in second at 15% and 13%, respectively. Among F&M’s “historical likely voters,” Wolf gets 35%:


What’s really interesting here is that Tom Wolf’s favorables are unchanged on net since the notorious McCord ad started running. McCord actually dropped 7 points on net, going from 2% to 14% unfavorable:

PAGov Final 2

Looking forward to welcoming you all to the Wolf Pack next Wednesday morning!

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9 Responses to #PAGov: Negative Ad Backfires On McCord

  1. Sean Kitchen says:

    I’ve been on board before he even announced his candidacy…

  2. Dan says:

    Pretty disgusted in McCord, and I was originally a supporter. My vote will go to Wolf.

    However, McCord might make a good Mayor of Philly.

  3. Tsuyoshi says:

    I’m still not totally convinced that Wolf will win, although it now looks more likely than not. There are still a lot of undecided voters. Turnout is a huge question here.

    As far as who is the best candidate, I’m still undecided myself. I guess I’m leaning toward McCord (his negative attacks are unconvincing, but I don’t really mind them). Except that it really does look like if anyone has a chance to beat Wolf, it’s Schwartz. If I only had to pick between those two, I don’t honestly know who I would pick.

    You have been pushing Wolf for a while here, but most of your arguments have been pretty unconvincing to me. Wolf’s platitudes don’t seem all that much better than anyone else’s. Schwartz does seem like the kind of Democrat who thinks acting conservatively is the best way to win in politics. The thing about her potential support for Corbett’s Medicaid plan is genuinely disturbing. So… I guess I’m leaning toward Wolf.

    But whenever I try too hard to think about this, I can’t get too excited, because we’re not electing a dictator here. Whoever wins will have to deal with a very conservative legislature.

    • Allyson has absolutely 100% ruled out supporting Corbett’s Medicaid plan; the only suggestion to the contrary was, as I understand it, a private comment from a staffer who doesn’t do policy and who was simply, plainly, wrong.

    • John Harvey says:

      Undecideds are 16% in the last 2 polls I saw. That is not enough to change the outcome.