#PAGov: While Rob McCord Postures on Racial Equality, Tom Wolf’s Been Doing Something About It

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Philadelphians aren’t used to thinking about these issues, because our city is the only combined city-county in the state.

Clearly this arrangement has not resulted in particularly impressive levels of racial economic equality. But imagine how much worse off we’d be if wealthier neighborhoods like Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy decided to secede from the Philadelphia School District and stopped paying into the pot.

Then imagine how much worse off than that we’d be — particularly the poorest of us — if the income and property taxes of the richest areas of the city were not thrown into the same general fund for city services along with the relatively meager revenues collected from the poorest areas, but were instead cloistered within 72 different municipal governments and 16 different school districts. Would the poorest areas of Philadelphia be able to tax themselves enough to afford the same quality of police services that they have today?

Obviously not. But that is the situation that every Pennsylvania city outside Philadelphia finds itself in. The implications for racial equality are horrifying, and they did horrify Tom Wolf.

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3 Responses to #PAGov: While Rob McCord Postures on Racial Equality, Tom Wolf’s Been Doing Something About It

  1. Observer says:

    “Postures”?? Obviously you have never seen a picture of McCord’s wife, Leigh Jackson. Talk about a White Privilege Fail… Or perhaps you are against mixed marriages?

    • Jon Geeting says:

      What does a mixed marriage have to do with the candidate’s policy positions on racial equality? I don’t see McCord supporting school district consolidation or tax base consolidation that would shift resources on balance from white to black schools. It’s cool that he’s not an anti-miscegynist and is in love with a black woman. That says nothing to me about his policy views.

  2. FactCheckGuy says:

    McCord has become “colorful” because he is trailing in the polls and is a desperate 3rd place candidate. He needs to find a way, any way to get noticed so he tries to be “outrageous.” But…make no mistake….he is an establishment guy through and through and is a Harrisburg political insider. His biggest issue is trust…as in, you can’t trust him. He misled voters about his upbringing (pretending to be the disadvantaged child of a single, public school teacher mom). Turns out mom was a famous college professor and she remarried when McCord was only 10. He grew up in the affluent Main Line suburb Lower Merion and had a stable and priviliged life. Nothing wrong with that unless you lie about it to gain a sympathy vote. Now he parades his African American wife in front of the media in a transparent attempt to gain cred with African American voters. Fortunately, the AA community is too smart and savvy to fall for such obvious pandering. If McCord wants their vote, he’ll need to earn it based on where he stands on relevant issues. If he can stop his nasty attack ads long enough to be “real” with the voters…maybe someone will listen. In the mean time…McCord needs to go to bed…the adults need to talk.