#PAGov Shorter Corbett: Giving Me Fancy Presents Helps the Entire State

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When a lobbyist gives a black lawmaker a Tiffany bracelet, PA Republicans are scandalized. But when Tom Corbett and his wife get a vacation aboard a businessman’s yacht in Rhode Island, or some sweet New Balance kicks and a dagger of unknown value, they have no problem with that.

And now that some mean ethics reformers want to ban gifts, Republicans are bristling. Their grift, you see, helps the whole state.

But the view from legislative leaders and the governor’s office is not nearly so black and white.

Some said they believe they’ve acted strongly to address a specific problem exposed this spring. And a spokesman for Corbett contends that are times certain “gifts” produce results for the entire state […]

Steve Miskin, press secretary to House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny County, said the House rules change quickly addressed the specific problem exposed this spring.

If Tom Corbett thinks his junkets out of state are justifiable as economic development spending (which, lol) then they should be funded by the Executive Branch, not private businesses.

The travel expenses could potentially be justified, but how much of that $13,500 in “gifts and hospitality” from the Team PA Foundation was the plane ticket and hotel, and how much of it went to Corbett and friends boozing it up at fancy restaurants with local dignitaries? We don’t know.

By contrast, Tom Wolf, the Democratic nominee for Governor, has sent out a statement slamming Republicans for waffling on the gift ban, and reminding voters that he’ll ban gifts for the Executive branch his first day in office.

“Tom Wolf believes we need to ban gifts now, and he will do so on his first day in office,” said Wolf Spokesman Jeffrey Sheridan. “It is important to restore public trust in government, and as long as Governor Corbett enjoys the perks of his office more than he respects the trust of the public he serves, the culture in Harrisburg will not change.

Tom Wolf will make ethics reform a top priority and you don’t have to look further than his time as Secretary of Revenue to know that his words are not just rhetoric. As secretary, he turned down the perks, donated his salary to charity, and drove his own Jeep on state business. Tom Corbett has taken thousands of dollars worth of gifts from individuals and organizations with business before the Commonwealth. It is unacceptable and it needs to change.”

(via Charles Thompson)

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6 Responses to #PAGov Shorter Corbett: Giving Me Fancy Presents Helps the Entire State

  1. Doug Webster says:

    Corbett has more substantive problems of late if the voters pay attention. First he lifted the ban on oil drilling related to state parks…a move that will generate another $75 million in state revenue without his having to set tax rates that might impact the wealthy.

    And a series of state Environmental agency hearings are underway around the state…Pittsburgh yesterday….Harrisburg shortly, at which consideration is being given to changes in regulations which would WEAKEN the state’s already woefully weak environmental controls.

    Fifteen speakers at yesterday’s hearings and not a single one in favor…..air and water pollution in this state is a tragedy, regulations are a farce and we are seriously considering further weakening? From coke plants and water treatment facilities which have continued to pollute for years without substantive state intervention to chronic public health issues caused by that same pollution, PA just can’t bring itself to ask the question, “What right does anybody, business included, have to dump their crap into the air and water we all share?”

    Right now, business gets away with it…endlessly and the public pays….in impaired health, and in the costs of cleaning up the mess years after the offenders have gone on to new pastures.

  2. Sean Kitchen says:

    Remember when Solobay got tickets to the superbowl from some gas company? Oh right, he’s white and protecting the gas industry…

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