#PAGov: Why Tom Wolf Will Be the Nominee

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My inaugural Philly Mag post is live, so head over there to learn why Wolf’s got this thing locked up.

Here’s a little remix of the chart from over there, courtesy of the Internet’s most adequate paint tool SumoPaint, showing when Wolf and Schwartz went on the air. Wolf is blue and Schwartz is red, because Third Way.

Looking at that big Wolf surge, it’s almost like nothing we write on the Internet matters!


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6 Responses to #PAGov: Why Tom Wolf Will Be the Nominee

  1. Mr. Most Importantmanintheworld says:

    Nothing you write anywhere matters to anybody but yourself Jon.

  2. Jon Geeting says:

    I know I suck

  3. bramr101 says:

    What’s wrong with McGinty? I sort of liked her the most, but now it feels like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry dates someone he can’t figure out why everybody thinks is a loser. Why such a struggle to reach 3%?

    • Ryan says:

      I admit that I am Seinfeld-obsessed — but this is an amazing analogy.

    • Because she couldn’t convince donors to pick her over McCord and Schwartz? Also, Bob Rubin(Clinton era Treasury Secretary and hater of the working class) endorsed her. Which should have signaled anyone with a brain to abandon her campaign.

  4. Jon Geeting says:

    I really liked McGinty too. The folksy iPhone ads were kinda lame, but I also knew I wasn’t the target market for them. Not sure what happened.