#PAGov: Wolf Is Leading Because Voters Liked Him Best

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Regarding the “buying the election” talking point, it’s important to remember that plenty of self-funders spend a ton of money but go nowhere. Remember Tom Smith?

For the spending a lot of money strategy to work, voters have to like what you’re selling, and the message/policies you’re running on. And that -not the money, not the ads – is the lesson of the PA Governor primary of 2014.

Wolf was able to go on TV earlier than everybody else, and then no one was able to falsify those ads, or spoil what voters liked about him, so Wolf’s about to win. The money helped, but it wouldn’t have worked if he wasn’t also a compelling political candidate.

Would he be leading the pack (heh) if he didn’t have the money? Maybe not. But all the money did was get him the ear of the voters. Once he had their ear, he was able to do what so many self-funders can’t do – close the sale.

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9 Responses to #PAGov: Wolf Is Leading Because Voters Liked Him Best

  1. JebF says:

    This post amounts to: Wolf is the least bad of the worst kind of people.

    • steventodd says:

      I’m not seeing that. I am seeing that this post amounts to: Wolf would not be in the lead without the most cash, like ability aside. We’ve all known this all along.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    If only John Hanger had had Tom Wolf’s money….

  3. Would he be leading the pack (heh) if he didn’t have the money?

    Doesn’t that go for most of the candidates? And Schwartz had plenty of money and what did that get her besides a campaign that was third-rate?

    • steventodd says:

      That goes for all candidates, proving that our system is broken and can not allow representation of any who can’t afford it. It also calls into fair question: what is the conclusion of this blog post, again?

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  6. Chuck hadley says:

    If, prior to the election, we made a list of the top 1000 Pennsylvanians with experience and skills to be governor. Wolf’s name would not have been on it. No one would take the inherited CEO of a small kitchen cabinet distribution business seriously. He is only the front runner for one reason, money. “A different kind on candidate?” You bet, for $15 MM reasons. Soon our choices will be limited to the children of hedge fund managers. No other voices will be heard.