Where’s the Conservative Outrage Over Tom Corbett’s Gifts?

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When the news came out that a black lawmaker got a Tiffany bracelet from a fake lobbyist in Frank Fina’s botched Bling Sting, conservative heads exploded all across the state. They couldn’t even handle it.

But there’s been no similar reaction from the right since the Inquirer looked at all the goodies Tom Corbett got last year. Maybe they didn’t see it since the Inky buried the story way back in the regional news pages.

Corbett accepted over $23,000 in grift in 2013, including a trip to South Africa, a $150 pair of New Balances, and a golf pass to the US Open from special interest groups. He also received a dagger of *unknown value* which sounds pretty sweet.

Anyway, we can’t wait to read all the right wing op-eds calling for Corbett’s impeachment:

The governor reported receiving $360 in gifts from the Merion Golf Club last December, including a $175 framed U.S. Open flag and a $150 framed poster – although Corbett noted that those gifts were accepted “on behalf of the Commonwealth” and not for his own personal use.

The governor also reported $21,990.33 in transportation, lodging, and hospitality. That included $921.93 for meals, paid for by the Republican Governors Association (RGA), at the association’s February 2013 meeting in Washington, and $3,284.02 for airfare, hotel, and meals during the RGA’s quarterly meeting in Aspen last July.

The governor also reported accepting a 10-day trade mission trip last spring to Brazil valued at $13,568. The cost was covered by Team Pennsylvania, a nonprofit group that promotes public-private partnerships in Pennsylvania.

The USGA, Corbett reported, paid for a $450 golf pass for him during last year’s U.S. Open championship at the Merion Golf Club. Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley also paid nothing to attend the coveted event – he received two “all-access” passes valued at $900.

Corbett also reported: $850 in tickets to sporting events, including a Pittsburgh Steelers game and a Pittsburgh Pirates game; dinner and a concert worth $376 from the Academy of Music in Philadelphia; a $150 pair of New Balance sneakers, compliments of the RGA; and a dagger and books (the value of the dagger is unknown), paid for by the Saudi Commission on Tourism and Antiquities. Corbett said the items were given to the State Museum of Pennsylvania.



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10 Responses to Where’s the Conservative Outrage Over Tom Corbett’s Gifts?

  1. As I’ve said elsewhere here, didn’t Corbett fail to report this kind of stuff back in 2012, or maybe 2013? And only declared it once caught by The Inky or Philly Daily News?

  2. Here’s what I’ve always wondered; why do people perceive a gift of cash to be more corrupt than the gift of goods, travel, tickets, or other services which happen to be worth a lot of cash? I’m going to guess that people would have more oogies over $200 in cash than an Academy Ball tickets worth $376, for instance.

  3. Jon Geeting says:

    Exactly. This is all just pure consumption. Some of it’s sort of business, like the junket to South Africa, but the golf and the sports tickets? That’s all stuff he should insist on paying for out of pocket.

    • Randy says:

      If by out of pocket you mean out of his governor’s salary, then technically the taxpayers are on the hook for it. At least here Republican donors are covering it rather than the taxpayers.

      • Jon Geeting says:

        Huh? The Governor can spend his salary on whatever he wants. I have no problem with that. The taxpayers aren’t “on the hook” that’s just his paycheck.

      • At least here Republican donors are covering it rather than the taxpayers.

        So you’re okay with corruption? Like they’d buy stuff for the Governor out of the goodness of their heart? Hahahaha!!

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  5. Terry Sullivan says:

    He brags about cutting Pa. Vehicles, without any mention of the new Escalades for HIM AND. his WIFE.

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