What Are We Getting For All This? PA Has Higher Alcohol-Related Death Rates Than NY, NJ, and MD.

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If Pennsylvania’s anti-competitive regulations are any good at preventing alcohol abuse, how come states with more competitive retailing like New Jersey, New York, and Maryland all have lower rates of alcohol-attributable deaths?

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The answer, of course, is that anti-competitive regulations are optimized to prevent competition between retailers. They are not optimized to reduce public health harms. These approaches are not substitutable. They don’t do the the same thing at all.

If we really cared about this problem, we would have very different public policies, like minimum drink pricing, advertising bans, and a statewide “Do Not Serve” list for people who have multiple alcohol-related arrests. Advertising remains the most important issue for problem drinkers, but our state regulator is inexplicably in the advertising business. Why does a monopoly advertise, anyway?

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5 Responses to What Are We Getting For All This? PA Has Higher Alcohol-Related Death Rates Than NY, NJ, and MD.

  1. Albert Brooks says:

    The only thing the PLCB does is keep people employed by the PLCB. Washington State’s DUI fatality rate is down about 9% since they privatized and it isn’t because there are fewer troopers reporting fatalities. Their underage DUI rate is down almost 20% in the same time period. PA is not even close to those numbers.

    The PLCB spends more on advertizing than they do education so that should tell you where their priorities lay. It isn’t because the Governor tells them to it is because that is what they want to do.

    • LVCI says:

      What he fails to mention is 34 other states have higher alcohol-attributable deaths. While it true Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania 25.8 per 100,000) is the only state that still has state run liquor stores, evidence clearly indicates the majority of other states have higher death rates.

      If he wants to cherry pick states like NY, NJ and MD he should also should point out the bordering states which don’t support his bullshit argument. Ohio (26.9), Delaware (26.8) and West Virginia (33.1).

      There can be arguments for or against ‘privatization’ , death from alcohol related deaths isn’t one of them. Nice try.. no cigar!

  2. Victoria Kim says:

    So is this article claiming a direct correlation, even causation, between “competitive liquor sales” and Pennsylvania’s practices on alcohol deaths? Why not look at other adjoining states like Ohio, Delaware and West Virginia, which have higher rates? And would a new privatization plan include limiting liquor outlets like the CDC recommends? This is BS.

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  4. David Diano says:

    The map somewhat correlates with number of BARS per capita (or people per bar, depending how you want to sort it) Anyway, PA is ranked 11th (on the bad side)