How Can Democrats “Sabotage” the #PABudget Talks When They Don’t Control Anything?

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This talking point makes no sense:

But in recent days, Corbett, the state Republican Party and other Republicans have accused Democrats of trying to sabotage budget talks to help Corbett’s opponent, Democrat Tom Wolf, win the Nov. 4 election.

There are three groups negotiating over the budget in Harrisburg right now:

1. The Republican-controlled Corbett administration
2. House Republicans in the Republican-controlled General Assembly
3. Senate Republicans in the Republican-controlled Senate

If the Republicans can’t find a majority of votes within their party for the big Republican priorities in this budget – stiffing the pension fund to backfill in the huge hole created by their unpaid-for corporate tax cuts, and doing…something to the state liquor stores – even though they control all three branches of government, then that’s clearly a Republican problem.

There’s no way for Democrats to sabotage the negotiations: they don’t control anything! They haven’t been included in the negotiations, and they don’t support the Republicans’ budget priorities, so naturally they’re not going to vote for them.

But that’s fine, because there are more Republicans than Democrats in the state legislature, so they should be able to pass a Republican budget that reflects the values they want to run on this fall.

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