Intern With Keystone Politics! Young Muckrakers Needed to Help Flip the State Senate

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Do you like writing on the Internet? Are you maybe a little evil, or at least interested in learning how to think like an evil person? Do you want to help Keystone Politics knock a big chunk off the Republican majority in Harrisburg this fall?

There are a whole lot of fun state-level races happening in addition to the contest for Governor this fall, and we need help from aspiring progressive political journalists and operatives to cover them all during the fall semester.

Our regular writers are going to be busy covering the Governor race and Congressional races this summer and fall, but with just a few seats to flip to turn the state Senate blue, we want to make sure that every state Senate Republican has a buddy!

Send an email to with a paragraph or two about your work background, your issue interests, and why you care about politics, along with three or four writing samples, and if we like what we see we’ll get in touch.

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