PA Needs to Take Nurse Practitioners Seriously

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The state of Pennsylvania makes it illegal for nurse practitioners to work without a physician’s sign-off. That’s not the case in some states who are following the policy recommended by the Institutes of Medicine.

Letting nurse practitioners practice autonomously is important because if we do the Obamacare coverage expansion, but don’t improve health care providers’ capacity to treat all those new people, prices and wait times are going to go up. There are a lot more nurse practitioners than doctors, so if we let them do more on their own, we won’t see that crunch.

Here’s a good video from Vox explaining the issue, along with a post on some other things – like all-payer rate setting – we could be doing at the state level to bring down our health care prices.


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2 Responses to PA Needs to Take Nurse Practitioners Seriously

  1. Rlwilson says:

    I so agree. I go to a CRNP and I trust her more than ant regular Dr. I have ever been to.

  2. stcif01 says:

    Heard this on the radio today. A hold field of para-medicine is evolving with NP’s at the center of it. They treat what can be treated in the home and can make regular visits. Pretty cool stuff that people in places other than PA can do.