PA is the Only State Where Local Police Can’t Use Radar to Catch Speeders

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Remember how it was going to be a big deal that Philadelphia Councilman Jim Kenney’s bill would turn marijuana possession into a minor ticketable offense? It was a big deal because that would essentially take the largest police presence in Philadelphia – local cops – out of the federal marijuana law enforcement game.

For the same reason, it’s a big deal that the state of Pennsylvania prohibits local cops from using radar technology to enforce the state’s speed limits.

Pennsylvania is the only state that bans local cops from using radar, and this is a big problem for local efforts to protect pedestrians from irresponsible drivers. So many people don’t get caught for speeding, and even though PA pedestrian crash deaths are on the decline, we still have an unacceptably high number.

That’s why we need all our Democratic senators and representatives on board with the Pennsylvania State Mayor’s Association campaign to end the radar prohibition, and put local cops back in the speed enforcement game. Some haters have derided this as a revenue plan, and it’s worth taking that critique head on.

So what? Catching more speeders will send a message, and it also raises more revenue, that’s even better. I’d much rather collect more money from people who break our traffic laws and endanger children than from sales and income taxes on ordinary working people. Nabbing more speeders and forestalling more local sales and income tax increases would be a win-win.

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3 Responses to PA is the Only State Where Local Police Can’t Use Radar to Catch Speeders

  1. David Diano says:

    The local cops in the burbs (like Radnor) run speed traps all the time. They’d rather set up a trap in an artificially low 25mph zone and catch normal drivers to meet their quota than solve any real crimes or catch real crooks.

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  3. LinuxGuy says:

    If we had correct speed limits at the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed AND realistic cushions BEFORE tickets could go out you would be correct. This will never happen, as this is a money grab.