*Racial Conservative* John Morganelli Slams “Illegal Aliens”

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Whether you like it or not, there are about 12 million people living in this country without formal approval of the U.S. government. They go to school with our kids, they work at our places of employment, and the places where we shop. We all interact with these people all the time. They are embedded in our lives, in our culture, and while racists find this point controversial, they make us all richer.

Deporting all 12 million of these people, and the things we’d have to do to get there, would obviously entail a heaping helping of grave moral injustice, and the fact is that the vast majority of them are here to stay. And while they’re here, they’re going to be driving on our roads. Some people don’t like that, because they don’t accept the anti-deportation case, but if you do accept it, then you have to realize that people need to get driver’s licenses, because if they don’t then everyone else is less safe.

John Morganelli disagrees because he’s a big *racial conservative*, and last night he let loose with this crazyass rant that Bernie O’Hare pulled from Morganelli’s Facebook:

“Last night, although well intentioned, a misguided and uninformed Easton City Council passed a resolution to allow illegal aliens to obtain valid Pennsylvania drivers licenses. These are people who intentionally entered the US illegally with no respect for our immigration laws and without permission from our government. Council should have asked for input from those of us in law enforcement who know that the terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center and killed thousands of Americans all used fraudulent drivers licenses to pass money, get on planes and give themselves cover from their criminal activities. States that in the past handed out drivers licenses to people illegally in the US saw an influx of thousands of foreign criminals to their states and many are now moving to repeal them like New Mexico. This is bad public policy and makes it easier for illegal foreign criminals to do us harm under the cover of a valid state issued drivers license.”

Morganelli still uses “illegal aliens” to talk about undocumented immigrants, which is nuts. If somebody breaks our traffic laws, we don’t call her an “illegal driver.” The term is clearly meant to dehumanize people.

This isn’t the first time Morganelli has let loose with this kind of derp. Back in 2010 he went to a Lehigh Valley Tea Party meeting to fire people up about a “tidal wave” of “illegal aliens” coming to tk yr jrbs.

As Bernie O’Hare reported:

I arrived at Friday night’s monthly LV Tea Party meeting just in time to hear Northampton County DA and Fear Monger John Morganelli warn a 300-plus crowd that a “tidal wave” of illegal aliens is coming our way. He was singing that song four years ago, so it must be an awfully slow tsunami […]

But to hell with facts. Morganelli made points with tea drinkers by slamming both Bush and Obama for lacking the “political will” to do anything about this problem. Morganelli incited the crowd with accusations of “a number of sexual assaults by illegal aliens. They should not be here. … No one wants to do what has to be done.”

What’s that? The final solution?

The DA claims they’re everywhere, kinda’ like bed bugs. “Go to any job site and you’ll see people who are not home grown Americans.”

Home grown Americans!

Look, this guy has no business running or winning as a Democratic nominee for anything. Somebody needs to primary him, stat.

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8 Responses to *Racial Conservative* John Morganelli Slams “Illegal Aliens”

  1. Albert Brooks says:

    So, in your opinion, how much illegality is OK? Can I rob just a little bank? I’m only doing it to better my situation in life and take care of my family…oh, and I need to drive to get to the bank too.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      I would start the debate further back. Understand that there is no process by which an unskilled Mexican worker can get US citizenship. You can’t say “get in line” because there is no line. We do not have a formal process by which these people can come live here. We should have that process. But we don’t. If I could earn 5-10x more money working in Canada doing the same job I do in the US, I’d consider moving there illegally, and plenty of others would too. So that’s the issue. What is supposed to be the argument against open borders?

      • Albert Brooks says:

        You didn’t even begin to answer my question but i will answer yours. The reason against open borders is who is going to pay for it? Should we not only try to protect much of the world but also subsidize them? Or are you espousing a societal system where everybody gets the same no matter how much effort or skill is involved? There is a word for that you know.

        Explain to me what national interest is filled by letting in unskilled workers of any kind? So I can have cheap lettuce? What country currently allows that? Was there a time when immigration of that type was needed…..sure, 150 years ago. Times change.

        So again, how much illegality is too much and why do you get to decide?

        • Jon Geeting says:

          “Who is going to pay for it?”

          Huh? More immigration, even unskilled immigration, would be a net positive for the federal budget. More immigration is the best solution for fixing the Social Security shortfall. That’s the national interest – more money and more workers.


          I’m for giving amnesty to everyone currently here, and creating a process to support higher levels of immigration, skilled and unskilled.

      • James says:

        Exactly right! I always get a kick out of people who say “I’m not opposed to immigration, just ILLEGAL immigration.” There’s a real simple solution to that: make it easier to legally migrate here. That’s it. Problem solved.

        We don’t do that, though, because in reality the situation isn’t legality. It’s the same xenophobia that drives anti-immigrant sentiments all over the world. This despite the fact that, just as in Europe, immigrants here make us strong by improving our fiscal picture, relieve demographic pressures on social spending programs, and cause economic growth. Oh yea, and improve the material living conditions of the migrants themselves.

  2. Baja Rat says:

    Illegal immigration is a crime, and all illegal aliens are criminals.It is a federal felony to aid and abet these border-hopping leeches, and issuing breeder docs such as driver’s licenses to them is doing just that. These parasites need to be deported upon detection. Period. It’s the law regardless of comrade Obama’s treasonous dictatorial “policies.”

  3. Julieann Wozniak says:

    *Racial Conservative* must be code for asshole bigot, at least on Planet Earth. I’m not hearing the dog whistle, but then I live in a coal patch. And speak fluent Spanish. And have an IT customer in Mexico City.

  4. Look, this guy has no business running or winning as a Democratic nominee for anything. Somebody needs to primary him, stat.

    I presume people in the Allentown know this. And I also presume that the people at party HQ in Harrisburg know this as well. It doesn’t speak well on any of them that Morganelli is still part of the party.