What Does the RGA Think Non-Politician Tom Wolf’s ‘Failed Record’ Is?

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Don’t pay attention to this illegal donation, because Tom Wolf:

RGA spokesman Jon Thompson tried to blame notice of the mistake on Democrats in Pennsylvania.

“The RGA has transferred the donation out of the Pennsylvania account,” Thompson said via email. “It’s clear Democrats are desperate to talk about anything other than Tom Wolf’s failed record.”

They’ll keep saying this probably, because this is politics, but Tom Wolf doesn’t have a record that could have failed. He doesn’t have a record. He hasn’t held elected office.

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One Response to What Does the RGA Think Non-Politician Tom Wolf’s ‘Failed Record’ Is?

  1. Doug Webster says:

    OK….so I stabbed the guy, but now they’re calling me a murderer. What they are really trying to do is keep from talking about Tom Wolf.

    Fascinating that virtually every dollar of Adelson’s “gift” to the RGA goes to the PA PAC???? WTF?

    You don’t believe there was any coordination of any kind going on there do you?

    You silly cynical dodo. How could it? Justice Kennedy said there is no possibility of such a thing under Citizens United and all the evidence since then clearly shows he was telling the truth. (The preceding statement was endorsed by the U.S. Snark Association.)