Audit of DEP Finds Shocking Evidence of Republican Environmental Policy

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The 146-page report, prepared by Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, was sweeping in its criticism of the Department of Environmental Protection’s handling of gas-well inspections, and its failure to provide timely and thorough information to citizens between 2009 and 2012.

“The DEP was underfunded, understaffed, and inconsistent” in its regulation of Marcellus Shale well activity, DePasquale said at a news conference.

The allegations are damning, but is anyone remotely surprised that Tom Corbett’s administration did a shit job protecting the environment? You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to understand that they were doing a shit job on purpose.

The less DEP enforcement there is, the more polluters get to offload the costs of their filth and garbage onto the public and make more money. That is what being a Republican is all about. This is what they do when you elect them.

Doesn’t anyone remember former Corbett DEP head Michael Krancer? That guy’s priors on natural gas regulation were interchangeable with a gas lobbyist’s.

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3 Responses to Audit of DEP Finds Shocking Evidence of Republican Environmental Policy

  1. Pam says:

    And yet the Corbett administration spins it as “Auditor General Performance Report Validates DEP’s Work Regarding Unconventional Gas Drilling Activities” – from their press release title.

    The disconnect is still shocking to me – I’m more surprised that I continue to be shocked by Corbett’s complete greed – at least he’s transparent about that. There’s no transparency in this administration except their complete and total transparently greedy grasping at the almighty dollar.

  2. Jim Willis says:

    Just one tiny problem with your pathetic partisan attempts to use the report to smear Republicans–three of the four years covered by the report DEMOCRATS were in charge! This report is a laundry list of the failings of the Rendell administration, not the Corbett administration. Corbett’s team has dramatically improved the DEP over the past several years.

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