F&M Poll: Wolf Up By 22, Corbett Still Searching For the Bottom

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PA GOv July 14

The only good news in here for Corbett is that some Republicans are starting to come home. The bad news is that even more undecideds are joining the #Wolfpack. Also notable: F&M asks voters who they expect to win, which is considered a more reliable predictor than asking voters who they personally plan to vote for:

York County businessman Tom Wolf leads Corbett by 22 points, 47 to 25 percent, with 27 percent of voters still undecided […]

Fifty-four percent of all the registered voters in the poll expect Wolf to win the Nov. 4 general election while just 19 percent expect Corbett to pull out a victory. Just one in four voters think Corbett deserves a second term.

While the poll shows Corbett doing better with Republicans than he has in previous surveys, it also shows some in his party giving up on their candidate.

“He’s losing one in five Republicans,” Madonna said. “And he’s losing 2-to-1 among independents. That’s not a recipe for victory.”

The F&M memo also puts Corbett’s travails in context with this comparison to where Rendell and Ridge were polling at this point in their terms. Don’t (no really don’t) call it a comeback:

Rendell Corbett

(via Chris Brennan)

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3 Responses to F&M Poll: Wolf Up By 22, Corbett Still Searching For the Bottom

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    I know where all the abandoned mines, are. If he wants to go slumming in Greene County and have an acid bath. LOL.

    • John H says:

      Schuylkill County could supply some abandoned coal mines if Greene County is too far to travel.

  2. phillydem says:

    Corbett’s deficit in central PA is pretty stunning.