#PA3: Mike Kelly: Everything Basically Terrorism Now

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When the usual predictable messaging on environmental regulations fails to resonate with voters, what’s a Republican Congressman to do?

Use harsher and nuttier words to make the same point:

“You talk about terrorism — you can do it in a lot of different ways,” he said. “But you terrorize the people who supply everything this country needs to be great — and you keep them on the sidelines — my goodness, what have we become?”

When asked to clarify what he meant by that, Kelly said he used the word “terrorism” broadly, E&E News reports.

“When a government can level on you taxes and regulations that makes it impossible for you to compete, then you’re going to stay on the sidelines,” he said.

Note that Teh Terrorism that Kelly thinks the Obama administration is doing is making it prohibitively expensive for coal companies to build new coal-fired plants.

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4 Responses to #PA3: Mike Kelly: Everything Basically Terrorism Now

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    When Fast Eddie was governor and a creepy private security firm was running PEMA, I ended up on the terror watch list. Didn’t even own a gun at the time, however I do have a brain and a mouth. Those were my supposed acts of terrorism: speaking and writing against the damage longwall coal mining was doing to my beloved Greene County. I poked merciless fun at the creeps who named me a terrorist, thereby compounding my crime. I’m still writing and speaking even louder about social justice and environmental issues. I guess the creepy Mr. Kelly will just have to send me for a state-mandated lobotomy.

  2. Paul C says:

    That’s my congresscritter, in 2012 he compared obamacare to pearl harbor, don’t know if we can beat him, but I will voting for Dan Lavallee his opponent in the fall.

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  4. James says:

    I love the trope of “terrorism as everything I disagree with.” I use it all the time. Gutting the welfare state is terrorism! Undermining the fight against climate change is pure terror. Wearing flip flops in public when you aren’t at the beach or pool: terrorism. Ditto putting pineapple on your pizza. Sure are a lot of terrorists out there these days.