#PABudget: House Pension Bill Looking Pretty Dead

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Nick Field is reporting that Gene DiGirolamo is about to put this thing out of its misery.

The State House voted to send the main pension reform bill to the House Human Services Committee where it is expected to wither and die. The committee is chaired by Rep. Gene DiGirolamo (R-Bucks), one of 15 Republicans who voted with the 92-member Democratic caucus to punt the bill away.

Now the House has two choices – allow Philadelphia to tax cigarettes more to raise more local money for schools that the House has not provided from the state level. Or, screw the Philadelphia schools for no good reason.

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3 Responses to #PABudget: House Pension Bill Looking Pretty Dead

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  2. John P. Mc Dermott says:

    How about putting a tax on chewing gum I’m tired of getting it on my shoes particularly in this kind of weather and the Philadelphia area sidewalks are full of it. This would create a situation where the students would be funding there own education. The ‘mayor’ has tried to regulate our diet hoe about the disgracefull appearenice of our sidewalks
    Just for once I’d rather not be involved in a failure perhaps we can at least improve our appearence. Go ahead and give the money derived from a tax on chewing gum to the schools but it should be hefty because there’s an abundance of gum on the sidewalks.

  3. John H says:

    It isn’t just Philadelphia schools getting shafted. The school district here in the City of Lebanon has the greatest per pupil cut of any school district in the state. Again, the suburban schools in the county (which have the most money to begin with) got cut less than the city schools. Could it be the ethnic composition of the city schools that was a factor? Here in Lebanon, it is Latinos that make up the majority in the school.