#PABudget: “Republicans in Disarray” Narrative is a Direct Result of Democrats’ Party-Line Vote

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Just to make sure Democrats understand the political success of their budget strategy, the circular firing squad we’re seeing play out between the Corbett administration and Republicans in the legislature wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for the Dems’ party-line vote against the budget.

The party-line vote shined the bright light of accountability on Republican lawmakers, and they’re squirming under the magnifying glass. If the Dems had bailed Republicans out with some political cover for their budget, it would have papered over the disagreements in the Republican caucus and none of this drama would be happening.

It turns out that when you make the Republican majority govern by itself, there’s a lot of internal disagreement in the caucus, and now the question Democrats want voters to be asking themselves heading into the elections is front and center: can the Republican party actually govern to our liking, or do we want a different party in charge?

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5 Responses to #PABudget: “Republicans in Disarray” Narrative is a Direct Result of Democrats’ Party-Line Vote

  1. Albert Brooks says:

    Since the Republicans aren’t in agreement with each other doesn’t that mean they are also representing their constituents better rather than being in drone-like lock step with what the party (any party) wants? It seems that you would rather have party representation rather than people representation

  2. Paul C says:

    it shows they can’t govern. They control the governor, both state house and senate. They can’t figure out a way to make little compromises to get most of the agenda they profess to want. Instead they look incompetent.

  3. Isaac L. says:

    Albert – It means they can’t compromise and build a consensus among themselves – people with whom, in theory, they share similar political beliefs. It demonstrates a lack of leadership and ability to govern.

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