#PAGov: Corbett Screwed

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Another week, another round of doomy predictions for Republican Governor Tom Corbett this November. This week National Journal called him a “dead man walking” and Harry Enten at FiveThirtyEight thinks only Tom Wolf could lose this race for Tom Wolf at this point.


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7 Responses to #PAGov: Corbett Screwed

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Must be why his overblown political advertising is so bloody annoying. The movie music is a bit over the top. As are the lies and spin. I hope his corporate supporters are wasting bales of cash on this loser.

  2. Doug Webster says:

    Corbett’s ads are all focused on claims that Wolf can’t wait to raise taxes because, Corbett claims, he has played a role in increases in the past. He is also trying to use the failure of the Legislature to enact pension “reform” (and I use that term very loosely given numerous observations that his proposals would do almost nothing to actually reform anything) to claim that pension bloat will require big tax increases by local government school systems. No tax increases is and remains the Corbett mantra.

    He handily manages to ignore the fact that he passed over a billion in tax cuts largely for business and then severely cut education funding and now faces a deficit about the size of his tax cuts — which he clearly plans to leave to Wolf to clean up.

    Meanwhile a PAC opposed to Corbett is hammering him for giving all sorts of breaks to the fracking industry, while gutting school funding and demands he reveal correspondence and promises made to the frackers. Pretty effective ads and a reminder of his education cuts.

    Assuming Wolf wins, and odds look good at the moment, he is going to have a massive problem to deal with…..a deficit and very likely continued GOP control of the legislature and fierce resistance to tax increases of any kind.

    • Mike Birkos says:

      Dunno about fierce resistance to tax increases. Representative Dave Reed (R) has a bill to raise sales and income tax to replace school property tax.

      There is also widely growing bipartisan support for a gas severance tax.

      There is also widely growing support for taking the Medicaid money, which we already paid for with our federal tax dollars.

      The state government is a business, like any other. It needs sustainable revenue sources, not one-time cash reserve transfers, pay postponements and plunders like litter Corbett’s 2014 budget. Standard & Poor says it is not viable. The state auditor general says it will not function for 6 months before needing an overhaul.

      Tom Wolf will have a mess to clean up. But he has been balancing budgets, fostering productive relationships, creating jobs, making payrolls and building/ enhancing revenue streams for over 30 years. Governor Corbett has never done any of that, obviously.

      Also – Mr. Wolf never raised or lowered taxes as revenue secretary, as only the legislature has that authority. He did increase revenue to critical senior’s programs. And he donated his state salary to charity.

      • Paul C says:

        i’ve seen ads about him raising taxes, i’m like he’s a revenue secretary, has no power to do so, served at the pleasure of the Gov. Whose plans these were. Really ridiculous attack.

  3. Doug Webster says:

    Might seem like ridiculous, but for low-information voters, they haven’t got a clue about the powers and duties of revenue secretary. All they hear is Wolfe has raised your taxes in the past and wants to do so again….always a very powerful mantra for the GOP. Neither do they make the connection between Corbett’s cutting taxes for business, the resulting cuts to education funding and potential increases in their own property taxes by their municipality because of those same cuts and their impact on local school financing.

    At least so far, it doesn’t seem to be having much impact, but will be interesting to see if future polling shows any results. the Corbett folks seem to believe it is effective. The ad about Wolf has been running for a while now.

  4. Paul C says:

    I guess, This race was always going to tighten when the republicans come home, Plus Corbett has a huge war chest. Wolf prob will still win but not by 22 pts. Corbett folks aren’t too bright. Can’t work with their own party controlling legislature to get their own priorities passed in the legislature.

  5. phillydem says:

    IMHO, voters made up their minds a long time ago on Corbett. What most Pennsylvanians know is that their local schools are struggling for money and Corbett is responsible for it.