Thank Bob Casey For Supporting Senate Dems’ ‘Hobby Lobby’ Fix

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Bob Casey personally opposes abortion rights, which sometimes finds him on the wrong side of the Democratic base on certain votes, but in the case of Senate Democrats’ Hobby Lobby fix, he wants to do the right thing. Criticizing politicians is more fun as an activist, but thanking them when they do what you want is just as important.

We’ve dinged Bob Casey here on the blog a few times for various things, but we want to extend a hearty thank-you to him for being a team player on this specific bill, and for his long-standing support for contraception access as a means to reduce the number of abortions.

If you’re happy with his actions here, please take a moment to send him a note via this contact form, or even better, send a letter to the Editor of your local paper thanking him for being on the right side of this isse.

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4 Responses to Thank Bob Casey For Supporting Senate Dems’ ‘Hobby Lobby’ Fix

  1. Dominick says:

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  4. John G. says:

    I definitely sent him a note via the contact form. One issue down 99 more to go…