Keystone Politics: Emerged From Darkness

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I suppose I owe everybody an explanation for why this site basically went dark for a couple months this summer.

After a long freelance journalism nightmare, I’m basically doing my dream job now, working for PlanPhilly full time, helping set the table for the 2015 Philadelphia campaigns and hopefully bringing the fun of built environment politics to a broader political audience.

I can’t promise there will be daily content here, but the statewide blog scene sucks so completely right now that I would be remiss to let this site fade into obscurity. You should sign up for the mailing list over on the side bar to make sure you don’t miss posts if you were a daily reader.

Here’s the deal going forward: I’ll continue to chime in here on polls and various policy issues, and we’ll be working with a few other writers to cover key state Senate and House races, and a handful of policy issues we feel have been unduly neglected this race (environment, transportation, municipal policy) and that we want the Tom Wolf transition team and legislative Democrats to be accountable for.


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One Response to Keystone Politics: Emerged From Darkness

  1. Mel Heifetz says:

    It’s good to see you back! Looking forward to reading whatever in the coming months. We do need and want the convention next year! Mel Heifetz