PA Working Families Makes its First Endorsement

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New-to-Pennsylvania progressive organization Pennsylvania Working Families has been quietly plugging away this year, collecting signatures to put a local education control question on the ballot in Philly for this fall, and campaigining on minimum wage  in suburban Philly Republican districts , and now they’re making their first ever endorsement of Democratic Senatorial candidate Art Haywood, calling him a “champion of fair wages and good jobs.”

Art Haywood said of the endorsement, “As a strong Working Families Democrat, I am proud to accept the endorsement of PA Working Families. The name says it all about who I am running to represent. I am fighting to give raise the minimum wage, increase state funding for public schools, and reduce gun violence in our neighborhoods. I am excited to work in these fights with this group who shares my values. Together we represent change in Pennsylvania politics.”

Kati Sipp, Director of PA Working Families, “PA Working Families is thrilled to make Haywood our first endorsement, since he has made minimum wage and local control centerpieces of his campaign. Fighting for Pennsylvania’s working families isn’t just smart politics, it’s the right thing to do and we look forward to promoting candidates who are progressive champions like Art Haywood.

Since their launch, PA Working Families has focused on raising the minimum wage, paid sick days, and winning local control of the underfunded Philadelphia public schools.

This is just another victory for PA Working Families as they continue to increase their influence in Philadelphia, and throughout the state.  If Haywood can win the general election over the Republican candidate Robin Gilchrist, PA Working Families will have a voice in the Senate in the same year it launched, as well as the ears of many powerful members within the Philadelphia delegation.  Were that to happen, initiatives for a minimum wage increase and stability within the Philadelphia public school system would continue to gain traction.

While the rapid growth seems surprising at first, the people at Pennsylvania Working Families have listened to the citizens of Philadelphia, and because of their grassroots support, their influence has grown very quickly.  Back in May, the organization turned in 40,000 signatures to get a measure on the November ballot which promotes local control of the Philadelphia public schools.  As the school crisis continues to worsen and members of the GOP continue to vote against raises to the far-too-low minimum wage, expect the voice of Working Families to become even louder, especially if their new champion Art Haywood wins big in November.

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2 Responses to PA Working Families Makes its First Endorsement

  1. bob ferrill says:

    If you raise the wage above market rate for low skill work the inflated price will force business owners to cut hours to maintain suitable prices. McDonald’s is already beta testing kiosks to replace cashiers if employee costs are going to rise. I think accepting market rate for a job is better than not having a job at all. Would you agree with that statement?

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