#PAGov: Republican Poll Confirms Corbett Non-Surge

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The surge of Republicans remembering they are Republicans continues!

This new Republican-affiliated Magellan poll shows more Republicans are coming home to the Republican nominee for Governor, after flirting with voting for Wolf for a time.

Corbett hit bottom around 30% against Wolf back in June, and his ceiling is probably somewhere around 40%. Note how Wolf is still at 50%. That’s why the Rothenberg Political Report just changed this race’s rating to Democrat Favored over Lean Democrat.


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6 Responses to #PAGov: Republican Poll Confirms Corbett Non-Surge

  1. phillydem says:

    Corbett at 38%. As I’ve maintained, voters made up their minds about Corbett a long time ago. Corbett’s ads are awful and, except for Pgh City Paper, “sourced” to media that is either unknown or highly partisan (i.e, PA Independent). Wolf merely has to maintain a positive campaign and point out Corbett’s actual record to win.

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  4. CenPennRep says:

    Wolf merely has to keep quiet and not let anyone west of the Schuylkill know who and what he really is. Unfortunately, he can’t help himself… thus the race tightens.

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  6. Roger Cohen says:

    Breaking news: PA and Feds about to reach agreement on Medicaid expansion. http://tinyurl.com/lveqs8a