Poll: Corbett at Lowest Polling Yet Against Wolf

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This race has been boring since the primary ended. Four in five respondents heard the Corbett attack ads and didn’t change their opinion. Corbett’s numbers actually got worse. He peaked against Wolf at 39% in July, and then started tanking again.


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2 Responses to Poll: Corbett at Lowest Polling Yet Against Wolf

  1. phillydem says:

    I looked over the details and the numbers are truly awful for Corbett. He is not winning ANY subgroup save for diehard conservatives. Even his overall Republican support is only 48%.

    The top voter concern is education and you can bet that’s because Corbett’s education funding has hit Pennsylvanians right in their backyards – it’s not some abstract thing that doesn’t involve them.

    There’s a lot of undecideds, but when pushed Wolf wins them about 2 to 1.

  2. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Corbett his no new ideas. His attack ads are the same old tax and spend Dem screed we’ve been force-fed since FDR. With actors. Who can’t even be bothered to fake the appropriate local accents. Even if I wasn’t opposed to the Tea Party agenda, I wouldn’t be fired up by the presentation.