#PAGov: RMU Poll Confirms Huge Wolf Lead

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Robert Morris University’s new poll confirms that the F&M poll wasn’t a “junk poll” as Team Corbett claimed, and a whole summer’s worth of attack ads haven’t bought the Republican Governor a better shot in November. National Journal is calling this race a “near-automatic pickup” for Democrats. But you still have to show up to vote!

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2 Responses to #PAGov: RMU Poll Confirms Huge Wolf Lead

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Must be why Corbett’s latest ad is more shrill and more desperate than the last iteration. He’s still stuck on “tax and spend dems” and isn’t offering any new ideas. Thank God for fast forward!

  2. phillydem says:

    Kos links to a recent Harper (R) poll that shows Wolf at 52 and Corbett at 41, which I think is probably about Corbett’s ceiling. While the poll gives demographic breakdowns for each question, it doesn’t, unlike the F and M poll, breakdown the partisan composition of its sample.

    Reading through the questions, the poll kind of tells Corbett’s campaign what they want to hear regarding their ads, etc.