#HD102: Weirdo Republican Russ Diamond Says “Every Cop is a Pig and a Liar” (VIDEO)

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This silent saddo treatment that Rep. Russ Diamond is pulling on his wife here is pretty gross and calls his temperament for leadership into question, but it’s the end of the video that’s going to get this guy in huge political trouble:

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3 Responses to #HD102: Weirdo Republican Russ Diamond Says “Every Cop is a Pig and a Liar” (VIDEO)

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  2. steventodd says:

    Three candidates, plus one announced write in. The only one not acting like a kindergartener? Democrat Jake Long. Everytime I’ve spoken with Jake he has been statesmanlike – soft-spoken, yet firm in conviction. Folks in the 102 (northwestern Lebanon County): Please look past party allegiances this time. Give Jake a look, then ask which of these folks do you want representing your family in your PA General Assembly.

  3. John Harvey says:

    Russ Diamond is paranoid. He thinks the District Attorney is going to have him arrested on trumped up charges. After last evening’s Candidate Night he had to have a body guard to walk him to the parking lot to prevent his being attacked.

    He filed for a PFA (Protection From Abuse court order) and it was justified because his former wife was a former special forces soldier. Women still cannot serve in special forces. When women filed PFA requests against him it was unjustified according to Diamond because they did not result in a permanent order. He seems to be a Men’s Rights supporter.

    Everything is about Russ Diamond. All his political campaigns are driven by personal resentment and the belief that he has been treated unfairly.