Why You Have to Vote in the Midterms

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Jonathan Tamari explains why the House tea people now representing the moderate Southeast PA ‘burbs won’t ever pay a price at the polls:

While the focus is on November’s races, critical House contests in the Philadelphia region may have been most influenced by low-profile state elections in 2010.

That’s when Republicans stormed to control of state legislatures, just in time to redraw congressional maps and tilt key districts in their favor for a decade, in Pennsylvania and across the country.

The long-term future of those districts, and of the House, may also depend on state-level races that will decide who makes the next maps, in 2020.

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One Response to Why You Have to Vote in the Midterms

  1. dude says:

    dude….Fitzpatrick, Meehan, MacArthur, and Costello are not tea party people…