#GOPorno Scandal – Now With Kids!

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This doesn’t sound like child pornography exactly, but it seems we have not reached the upper bound of how gross this is going to get. No wonder Frank Fina wanted the courts to turn off the firehose of humiliation.

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4 Responses to #GOPorno Scandal – Now With Kids!

  1. Doug Webster says:

    You can argue back and forth about whether the images constitute child “pornography” but the bottom line question remains….”Why would any responsible public official be using official state e-mail to send images such as these to colleagues?” A picture of your grandchild? Possibly. But a picture of a young boy looking into a young girl’s underpants?

    Yeah….it was just having a little fun…a joke. Don’t you get it?

  2. Dave says:

    Don’t forget Justice Eakin in this mess. He is thus far getting a pass, and shouldn’t be. He allegedly engaged in ex-parte communications with prosecutors, and sent aling questionable email of his own, under a bogus email account.. Let’s ask him to comment, ‘eh.

  3. Dave M. says:

    What gives here? I posted a comment, but it failed to appear. It was essentially how come Justice Eakin gets a pass & Seamus retires? I say Kane should release all 4000 emails. Who knows what went on with their unethical ex-parte communications.

  4. phillydem says:

    I agree she should release all the emails. It’s clear AG Kane has rattled the good ol’ GOP boys network in the AG’s office and law enforcement and they are doing their darndest to bring her down.