Lame Duck Corbett Trying to Sabotage Real Medicaid Expansion

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Tom Wolf thumped Tom Corbett on Election Day running on, among other things, real Medicaid expansion.

But apparently Corbett didn’t get the message the voters sent him, because he’s apparently planning to spend his remaining months in office trying to lock in his fake Medicaid privatization plan, and make it harder for Tom Wolf to keep his promise to bring Pennsylvania the real thing.

This plan is much more expensive than simply accepting the real Medicaid expansion, but apparently running up a $2 billion structural deficit wasn’t satisfying enough for our failed Governor.

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3 Responses to Lame Duck Corbett Trying to Sabotage Real Medicaid Expansion

  1. Doug Webster says:

    No big secret here….Corbett knew early on he was not going to win re-election but that the makeup of the Legislature would keep GOP in control of the levers of government. So, leaving Wolfe with a large deficit and then doing everything he can, on the way out the door, to increase that is simply a great way to leave the new governor hamstrung, focused primarily on dealing with the deficit, hampered in his ability to accomplish his own goals and then let his allies spend four years criticizing him for Wolf’s failure to deliver on his promises and deal with a deficit which they will gleefully and repeatedly charge is HIS and not theirs.

    Worked pretty well for Bush’s allies and Obama.

    • phillydem says:

      Gov-elect Wolf doesn’t need legislative approval to scarp Corbett’s plan since it was only approved as a demonstration project type plan by the feds and can be canceled anytime to accept no strings attached expansion. All Corbett is doing is making life more complicated for people who qualify for or are already on medicaid.

      Watch him try and rush through drilling leases on public lands, too, before he’s gone.