Lehigh Tea People: Browne and Mensch Have Some ‘Splaining to Do

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Members of the local party are upset with Sens. Browne and Mensch for voting against an amendment proposed by Senator Wagner. Wagner’s amendment was in support of “paycheck protection” legislation, which would curtail the ability of labor unions to collect membership dues.

This news comes amidst a battle over leadership of the Senate GOP caucus.

The Senators are both part of the effort, led by Sen. Jake Corman, to replace Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi and the current GOP leadership.

Nick Field gives the context that Pat Browne is trying to become Appropriations chair, and Mensch wants to be the Caucus chairman. If they got those jobs, that would be objectively good for the Lehigh Valley’s prospects for punching above its weight in the mad scramble for state resources, but that’s not what the Tea People think!

And good for them. Ideological priors are important for a political party, more important arguably than grubbing for RACP money. But that’s the whole point about Republicans right? The reason you don’t vote to give these dudes any power is that their party’s big animating principles on balance just fail to translate into anything positive that would make regular people’s lives better. They had a chance to pass liquor privatization, which was a rare case of Republicans offering some decent goodies in line with the public interest, but they failed. They didn’t even campaign on it.


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