Map: PA’s 108 Uncontested House Races

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Chris Briem:

Of the 203 General Assembly seats, 108 of them were uncontested on Tuesday. Literally only one candidate.

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13 Responses to Map: PA’s 108 Uncontested House Races

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  2. Sean Kitchen says:

    This makes the PA HDCC look more pathetic

  3. Tim Potts says:

    PA Democrats need to make legislative elections into statewide elections the way Republicans made Congressional elections into national elections. That is, Republicans nationally ran against Obama, making legislative elections into some kind of national referendum. In PA, Democrats should have run against Corbett, making legislative elections into a statewide referendum. This is the only way Democrats can overcome the effects of gerrymandering that produced the map above.

    • John Milford says:

      I believe that Democrats tried to do that, but when you have an HDCC which was total amateur hour; all the D money being sucked up to the top of the ticket; a PA press corps that only reaches political junkies; incumbents able to campaign 24 x 7 on the taxpayer dollar; unions and PACs making inexplicable endorsements; fear and loathing being preached from the national news 24 x 7; and voters who just don’t give a damn unless it is a presidential year, how successful can any strategy be? Oh, and fix that map. That is the 2012 map.

  4. NEPA Dem says:

    Dems did run against Corbett. It didn’t help since HDCC is clueless. Working with them is like bringing a spoon to a gun fight.


  5. larry says:

    the map is not accurate with the correct district lines

  6. Julieann Wozniak says:

    This used to be the case in Greene, until Bill DeWeese went to the big house. Apparently, it still is.

  7. Chuck Pascal says:

    You used the old prey reapportionment map for this. Would be good to see it on the 2014 map.

  8. Todd says:

    Should probably double check that map, because I remember all the candidates for the area’s in which are deemed “uncontested”. 176 Hope Smith v. Jack Radar , one of the biggest races of the year. 165- Hadley v. Adolph . Also this:

    While your graph is informative you lack the facts that candidates were actually up for a lot of seats you don’t have colored in. Would be happy to give you the full list of all the candidates in each district.

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  10. John Milford says:

    Your map is inaccurate. That’s the old 2001 map.

  11. I’m wondering why this map doesn’t accurately present the house districts. I was the democratic candidate in PA 6th. This map still shows District 5 in NWPA, it isn’t, or is no longer for this election cycle. Therefore the 17th, 6th and 65th do not accurately represent the boundaries which were contested this 2014 election. Although, you do have it correct that those three districts WERE contested races.