#PASen: Bob Casey to the Right of Michael Krancer and the Voters on Climate

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(Been hangin’ out with this guy too much)

Five years off from reelection and Bob Casey is already getting irritable bowel syndrome on climate politics – an issue that has yet to claim the political career of any Democrats, and especially not any with famous political dynasty names.

Casey went whining to President Obama about his plan to use the EPA’s authority to cut power plant emissions from dirty coal-fired plants, saying it’s unfair to Pennsylvania. As a Democrat, he’s making the necessary noises about the need for bold action on climate, but once the throat-clearing is over, you see that he’s really against bold action for the fifth highest CO2-emitting state.

What’s remarkable is that not only is Casey tacking to the right of the voters on this issue (a new Hart poll found 66% of Pennsylvanians support EPA action cracking down on power plant polluters), he’s actually to the right of ex-Corbett DEP head Michael Krancer too.

And y’all know about Krancer.

Back in July, Krancer published an op-ed in Forbes touting the benefits, and even potential for electricity savings, from Obama’s Clean Power Plan, and even agreeing with Tom Wolf that Pennsylvania should join its neighboring states in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative – the regional cap and trade program.

What does it say about Casey’s political compunction that he’s taking more right wing positions on climate than a gas industry flack?

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2 Responses to #PASen: Bob Casey to the Right of Michael Krancer and the Voters on Climate

  1. Doug Webster says:

    Add to the record…a vote FOR the XL Pipeline

  2. Kelli Hoover says:

    Yep, my opinion of Casey dropped way down when he voted for the Pipeline– and I campaigned for him! Won’t do that again.