Tea Party Garbageman is Your New Shadow Republican Majority Leader

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State Senator Jake Corman, who has until just recently put on a more moderate milquetoast public face, was put forth by the right wing nuts as their choice for Senate majority leader, and yesterday the nuts won.

But don’t be fooled by his rural homecoming king looks and soothing timbre. Standing right behind him, jabbing him with a shank he found rooting around in the back of his garbage truck is Senator Scott Wagner, a tea person folk hero who still hasn’t quit his real calling as a garbageman.

Why Republicans are so taken with these kind of Joe the Plumber characters, I’ll never know. Here’s what Wagner has to say about his approach to governing:

“I know about government log jams,” Mullins said. “I’ve dealt with log jams all my life. When something is holding up the processes of our democracy, you’ve just got to get in there with a broom and clean out all that muck that’s been collecting. Just take the stick end of a broom to it and scrape out all that gunk—all that dirt and grease and hair and gristle and chunks of Lord-knows-what, beaks and feet and other what-have-you.”

Oh whoops, looks like I had a quote from The Onion on my clipboard. Here is a not-altogether-different quote from Scott Wagner:

“I’m a full-service senator and garbage man. I know where to get you just about anything,” Wagner said. “I’m a pretty resourceful guy. I tell people in the waste business, if you need a donkey, we’ll get you a donkey.”

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