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Sorry, gerrymandering does not explain how the House Democrats lost 8 seats when the top of the ticket won by 10 points.

Add up all the excuses you think are valid and it still doesn’t get you to an 8-seat loss.

Time to give Mike Sturla a try as the chief cat herder.

The man is a good communicator (and blogger!), a good policy thinker, and he understands the thing it took the Dermocrats way way too long to figure out in the Corbett era – that the out-of-power party’s primary role is a messaging shop whose main task is making legislative Republicans look bad and create strong contrasts perceptible to voters.

By definition, an 8-seat loss under these conditions means they failed to do that. Sending the same incompetent practitioners back in to do an even harder job would be totally nuts.

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11 Responses to Team Sturla

  1. Gloria says:

    Here in the Lehigh Valley it was the same old, same old. Only Dem to get HDCC support was kept a cipher by them. Voters were not allowed to know who he was or what he stood for. Just “that Democrat who’s running with Wolf.” Astonishing stupidity.

  2. FitchMike26 says:

    Since Rendell left office, the PA Dems have been under all Allegheny County Control: State Party Chair, Senate Minority Leader, and House Minority Leader.

    Not a single Democrat east of the Susquehanna River holds any type of prominent leadership position right now. Even Wolf technically hails from west of the river.

    If you are wondering why the PA Dems are in such rough shape nowadays, now you know.

  3. phillydem says:

    Sturla holds a pretty important position as head of the policy committee.

  4. Harold James says:

    HDCC ignored the base completely in the targeting in the house races. Instead they went for unlikely voters and got blown out when the base didn’t turn out or they voted for republicans because they had no idea who the democrat on the ballot was.

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  6. Gloria says:

    This, THIS is what PA Dems, County Dems + all City Dems so desperately need: “Strategic Policy Advisor to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee” —
    U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren: I just left the Senate Democrats caucus meeting, and I wanted you to know: Harry Reid has asked me to serve as Strategic Policy Advisor to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. That’s a fancy way of saying that I’ve been asked to join the Democratic leadership to advocate for policies that will help us build a strong middle class. Real change in Washington is tough, but we’re going to keep fighting for what we believe in.

  7. steventodd says:

    Actually Gerrymandering MIGHT explain how the House Democrats lost 8 seats

    PA GOP won 13 Congressional seats (73% with 56% of vote).

    12 PA Districts made Washington Post’s 10 most gerrymandered in USA.

  8. Pam says:

    The thought that enough money thrown at a race will outweigh scandals in voters’ minds is also ridiculously stupid. Solobay connected to an affair and alleged murderer and Kane with a daughter he kept out of his life are just two stupid examples of putting awful candidates in front of the voters and saying hey, they’re Dems, vote for them because they’re Dems. Pay no attention to the fact that they are terrible people and bad candidates. Voters are tired of the negativity and poor candidates. We need better candidates. Democratic ideas won across the country but Democratic candidates lost. Our message is obviously good on minimum wage and gay marriage and medical marijuana, but our candidates run away from the accomplishments of the president and the message of our party. I’m not a huge fan of Obama but ignoring the good things he’s done was ridiculous. Campaigning with the Clintons isn’t enough.